Estudio Must Interiorismo Denia: New collections, winter lighting, and there are still birthday discounts!


As autumn turns into winter, lighting becomes more than mere illumination – it can help create a cosy atmosphere in your home, as well as lighting up those long, dark winter evenings. Estudio Must is now stocking eye-catching, hanging planet lamps. These can be used singly, for extra light over the dining table, for example, or they can be grouped together to give more light if you want to read by the fireside. You can even make them into a statement feature for the room, as they are really versatile.


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Another way to add atmosphere and a cosy glow to your home is to position mirrors to reflect back light into the room. This works well for larger, central light fittings, such as candelabra or chandelier-style lighting, as you can produce an interesting effect of light and shadows to add a touch of mystery and magic. Perfect for Hallowe’en, and Christmas family gatherings. Wall lights can also help to lighten dark corners and add to the ambience of your winter living room.


Whether you are bursting with ideas or looking for inspiration, the friendly, enthusiastic team at Estudio Must Interiorismo can help you give your home a new, cosy look for autumn and winter. Why not go and see them soon, or ask about a free, no-obligation consultation to give your home a new look? They are waiting to help you bring your dreams to life.


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03700 Denia, Alicante.


Telephone: 649 012 365; 966 173 504



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