Essenza restaurant: Family tradition and passion for cooking

Beachfront restaurants offer us a convenient location, but their food is not usually of high quality. However, there is always an exception that proves the rule. The Essenza restaurant emerges as an alternative to the rest of the establishments on the beachfront of Calpe, proposing an exquisite gastronomic trip with top quality products. Would you like to discover it with us?


Located in an ideal setting, the Essenza restaurant faces the Ifach Rock in Calpe, offering wonderful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. This is a beautiful family restaurant led by chef Bruno Guerra, specialising in signature cuisine made with local products. Their dishes stand out for their elegant presentation and for the fusion of traditional recipes with current trends. In this way, here we can taste exquisite dishes of the Mediterranean and Italian gastronomy, represented in a delicious creative, fresh and light cuisine with Asian touches.


A delicious dining experience

The Essenza restaurant team is made up of gastronomy professionals with extensive experience in the sector. Their idea from the beginning was to offer a quality gastronomy to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competitors in the area. Thus, they move away from fast food and cocktails to offer an elegant and quiet space where authentic high-quality delicacies inspired by Mediterranean and Italian cuisine are served.


Where to eat in Calpe
Chef Bruno Guerra


From here, they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner composed of extraordinary homemade products, since everything that is served in this amazing restaurant is handmade. In their menu you will find dishes for all tastes, such as pizzas, salads, meats and assorted starters. But their speciality is the fresh fish of the area and pasta, highlighting their stuffed pasta dishes. The chef’s recommendation is the lobster at low temperature, although we also recommend their homemade stuffed pasta. It is simply exquisite!


On the other hand, among their next plans they have prepared to expand the restaurant and prepare new areas to offer a conditioned corner for all kind of clients. In this way, the gastronomic trip proposed by chef Bruno Guerra will be extended soon. Stay tuned to Spain Life Exclusive to know more news!


Mediterranean and Italian cuisine in Essenza restaurant
Sesame and truffle cupcake


If you want to enjoy exquisite Italian food with innovative and surprising touches, visit the Essenza restaurant. Its intimate, cosy and pleasant atmosphere and the exquisite flavours of the dishes will surprise you. Book your table now! In the winter season the restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.


(*) The main photo of this article is a dish of scallops marinated with ginger butter with artichoke in two textures.



Restaurante Essenza

Calle Gran Bretaña, 4, Calpe – 03710 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 966 940 657



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