Healthy, Glowing Skin with Botanico Beauty’s Luxury Facial Cleansing

javea spa

Ultrasonic facial cleansing deeply exfoliates your skin, cleans your pores, firms and revitalises your skin, revealing its true beauty and leaving you with skin that looks and feels great. javea spa

Give your skin a boost this January and take advantage of Botanico Beauty’s fantastic ultrasonic cleansing treatment for just €50.  spa javea

The treatment includes: spa javea

• A warm, stimulating cleansing mask
• Ultrasonic cleansing for the ultimate exfoliation
• A soothing facial mask to relax and close the pores
• Full body pressotherapy to help with lymphatic drainage and detoxify the body leaving you with a greater sense of well-being
• And to finish, a gentle, unwinding aromatherapy massage, covering the face, neck and shoulders

Javea spa 

Get healthy, glowing skin now! To book call +34 965 05 99 94

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