Elements Beauty Spa, Denia: A beautiful phoenix rises from the floods

If the title made you do a double take, we haven’t got our mythologies mixed, and we know the phoenix rises from flames, not floods. However,the phoenix is a beautiful sign of rebirth, so it seems an appropriate metaphor to describe the transformation of Elements Beauty Spa in Denia, following the devastating damage of January’s gota fria.


Elements owner Amanda Lowe was then faced with the Covid-19 lock-down, so you couldn’t blame her if she felt the Universe had it in for her. She’s made of sterner stuff though, as you’d expect from a trained paramedic who moved from the UK to Spain and then opened Elements in 2010.


Elements Beauty Spa


She used the time to restore her salon to its former glory, and re-opened on 12 May, brighter and better than ever, and of course with stringent health and hygiene practices in place. Unfortunately, as some of the machines Elements use were irreparably damaged in the floods, some of the treatments advertised on their website are not available at the moment, particularly the detox treatments, but they will be back as soon as possible.


One major change as a result of the refurbishment is that all the walls and floors are now tiled, which enables complete disinfection while maintaining the full beauty of the surroundings. And Amanda has introduced sanitation mats for clients. She told us:


We ask clients to walk on the spot five times on the disinfectant mat, then they will step onto the dry mat. If they prefer, they can remove shoes and wear disposable foot coverings, but our hygiene measures are all aimed at keeping our clients safe, not scaring them. Everyone who has used the salon is pleased that we are going the extra mile for them.


There’s a pinned post on the Elements Facebook page, explaining all the measures they are taking, and, more importantly, explaining why these measures are needed. That’s Amanda’s paramedic training coming to the fore again, and it helps reassure clients, so they can enjoy a relaxing pampering experience, despite the necessary restrictions.


Elements Beauty Spa



All the Elements staff have received training in sanitation and disease control, so you need have no worries about using their luxurious new facilities. After more than three months of confinement, we can all do with a bit of pampering, and some feel-good therapies to make us feel better about ourselves. As a further safety measure, all appointments are booked beforehand, and only one client is treated at a time, with a 30 minute interval between appointments to allow for cleaning equipment and furnishings.


Elements also provides holistic therapies like reiki, aromatherapy and crystal healing, along with all the other experiences you would expect from a modern, exclusive health and beauty spa.  Amanda also insists on using natural products to bring out your unique natural beauty, rather than using products with potentially harmful additives, and her newest salon treatment should prove to be very helpful for clients.


Microneedling PhiBright:


Microneedling is a non-invasive, painless anti-aging skin treatment designed to encourage the skin to naturally produce more collagen to smooth out wrinkles, even out skin tones, reduce scar tissue and generally improve skin health. Tiny needles pierce the skin, allowing treatment serums to penetrate deep into the skin to encourage natural healing and cell renewal.


The PhiBright system is the latest evolution of microneedling, and it’s much more flexible. There is a special Calculator which can work out the best PhiBright Cocktail from more than 1200 possible combinations. This means the treatment can be pretty much exactly matched to your skin type, taking into account:


  • Discolouration
  • Scar tissue
  • Pore size
  • Hydration
  • Elasticity


The ingredients of the serums can also be applied topically, and other than a little redness which may last for a few hours, there are no lasting side effects. Most people can safely benefit from the treatment, which is quick to show results.


Treatment costs €70 per session, but if you book in for three sessions, the price goes down to €60 per session. It’s safe to have another session of PhiBright Microneedling after 2 – 3 weeks, so by the end of the summer, you could have a beautiful, naturally glowing complexion, with no side effects.


Call Amanda at Elements and find out how she and her team of experienced beauty therapists can help you make the most of what Nature blessed you with.


Contact Details:



Elements Beauty Spa




Calle Mabra 3,

Km 1 Las Marinas

Denia, 03700


Telephone: 966 11 97 20




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