El Racó De La Xara: A New Dining Concept Combining Gastronomy And Intimacy

95% is the product, 5% is fantasy; under this premise, El Racó de la Xara opened its doors last year. It is one of the most luxurious upmarket restaurants in Costa Blanca.


Teo Pozo’s philosophy, its owner stated that after many years of wandering Spain and Europe, developing his taste with all the flavors he discovered, he chose to settle down and share what he had learned. El Racó de la Xara makes you feel as if you are at home after being gone for so long.



This is how this culinary venue came to be, where you can taste the greatest raw ingredients along with superb cuisine and wine pairings.



The experience, however, extends beyond the wonderful cuisine and begins as soon as you enter the restaurant as it is an intimate and pleasant space where you will feel at ease. They offer many rooms, some of which simply have a table, so that guests may enjoy their cuisine in the calmest and most pleasant setting possible.



El Racó de La Xara’s décor is meticulous, as are the dishes. With stylish furnishings evocative of the txokos Basques, such as its lovely and strong oak bar, no detail is overlooked. So that the gourmet experience can be appreciated not only with flavor but also with look.




Excellent fresh product



Teo Pozo has always stated that Racó de la Xara would be a one-of-a-kind establishment where you can get the greatest product and thus make the best version of each dish.



So the product itself is king in this restaurant’s kitchen, where each meal is a distinctive experience thanks to the combination of flavors plus the extensive use of the best raw ingredients and the immaculate presentation.

Their salads are some of their starters that you should not miss and also if you are a lover of fresh vegetables …and you will find a true display of high-quality products, such as the Amela tomato, its star. For those who are unfamiliar with this tomato, it is well-known for its rich, sweet and intense flavour bringing as well an oriental touch that makes it unique and unmatched.

Enjoy as well the best red prawns of Denia at El Raco de la Xara where you can taste this Mediterranean treasure in ways you may not be used to, as it is cooked to perfection either grilled with the coconut charcoal they use or boiled on the spot while retaining all of its amazing flavor.

In terms of fish, its specialty is the Viceroy, a fish with exquisite and luscious flesh that is extremely good in flavor and very soft, making this dish one of the most popular at the restaurant.

With no gimmicks, just great execution and a splendid selection such as Rubia Gallega, the meat here is always tender and flavorsome, while the sides are worth getting a few to share with your fellow diners.

Wine is also very important at EL Raco de la Xara, as they have a large wine cellar with a wide variety of red and white wines… what really sets them apart is the certainty of finding the perfect wine to accompany your choice of dish, as they have all the grapes and brands to find exactly the ideal pairing.

The cherished olive oil has a particular position in this restaurant also and the most awarded olive oil in the world, Rincon de la Subbetica – Hojiblanca – Cordoba, may be tasted at the table or purchased.

Furthermore, Rómulo, the restaurant’s chef, has a lengthy background at the top restaurants in the area and understands how to treat these outstanding dishes. That is why each meal is unique, even if you cannot conceive even a third of the amazing flavours they have until you eat them.

If you are a lover of creative gastronomy, enjoy good signature cuisine, and live unique gastronomic experiences, then El Racó de la Xara is your place it is set in the middle of LA XARA which is a charming village next to Denia and this is a wonderful experience so visit them now by contacting below.


Contact Details:


AddressCarrer del Pintor Segrelles, 13, 03709 La Xara, Alicante, Spain

Phone+34 629 26 59 18


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