El Port Offers Some Advice On How To Keep Your Dog From Becoming Car Sick When Traveling By Car

There are numerous Christmas trips now that we are in the thick of the season, and if your dog travels with you, there are a few things to consider. El Port Veterinarios informs us of all we need to know.


Does your dog get dizzy when you take him in the car? Are you afraid to take him on holiday for fear that the journey will be an ordeal?
Take note of these tips to help you travel without motion sickness:



Be patient. Dealing with the fears of our four-legged friends is a task that requires a lot of time and dedication.

Most dogs get carsick more from anxiety than from the motion of the car.
Help your dog lose his fear of the car in 3 stages:

a) Familiarise your dog with the stationary car. Get in and out several times with him, play near the vehicle, put treats in the car and play with him to find them.

b) Get your dog to relax in the moving car. Do it slowly and reward his good attitude, so that he sees that there is no danger.

c) Start taking your dog on short walks and short routes to places he likes. The aim is for the dog to see that nothing is happening: we have got into the car, we have moved, we have got out and nothing has happened. There is no reason to be afraid.

El Port’s advice

The use of products to prevent nausea and vomiting helps to reduce the effects of car movement, so El Port has soothing pheromones to help your pet stay calm in stressful situations.

Don’t just take him in the car to unpleasant places like the vet’s, but also to the park or on excursions, so he won’t associate the car with unpleasant experiences.

Avoid feeding or watering him within 3 hours before the journey to prevent him from having a stomach full of food.

Give him a good walk before getting into the car so that he can relieve himself and relax on foot.

If it is hot, air out the car before getting in. If you can turn on the air conditioning a rate beforehand so that the temperature inside the car is comfortable.
Let your dog breathe fresh air by opening the windows.

Drive carefully without speeding or suddenness.

Be calm if he is fearful or dizzy.

And lastly, the team at El Port Veterinarios advises you to travel frequently with your dog so that the experience is not unfamiliar, as it takes time and patience to get used to the car.


Follow these tips and make traveling by car not a bad time for your furry friend!



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