Eddy Kramer, passion for cars

For many people cars are art!  It is passion, a dream… the power to move your life forward. Eddy Kramer truly believes this and he can definitely help you to live this dream.

In love with cars since a young boy, he got in the car world in 1990 and since then he spends every single day trying to be developed in this field. Today, 11 years after starting his own business, he has already many happy customers from every part of Europe and with his after-sales services he has built a strong relationship with them.

Cars to choose…

Some of the latest of Eddy Kramer’s cars are:




If you are an American or if you aren’t, Cadillac XLR Convertible is the best choice for you. Fast, dynamic, with amazing driving performance, this front-engine roadster will give you a big smile on your face. Certainly, it is the perfect car to upscale your life. For everyday use and adventurous weekends.




The English style is famous all over the world and the heritage on roadsters is enormous. Therefore, if you are collector, a connoisseur or just unique, this vintage, classic M.G B Convertible of 1970 is the right choice for you.


Mercedes B


The family is very important for you, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the convenience, the practicality, and luxury in the same car. So, this amazing automatic Mercedes Benz B-160 diesel is the right choice for you.


Toyota Aygo


Even if you live in a big city or romantic countryside, you will appreciate the small measurements and practicality of this Toyota Aygo 1.0. Fuel-Efficient and the most reliable brand in the market, Toyota Aygo can save you money and hours of searching for parking spots. The best choice for everyone who wants to have a small pretty car.

After-sales services

Eddy Kramer believes in sincere and honest long-time relationships with his clients. Therefore he provides a multitude of after-sale services at good prices and excellent results. So, if you are searching for the best deal for a used car or just want to make your old car like new again, Eddy Kramer is your choice.


How to repair your car in Altea


Eddy Kramer

N-332, 155, Altea 03590 (Alicante) – Opposite to Skoda, next to Repsol petrol station

Phone: +34 965 845 401

Appointment and spare parts: Ext. 1

Administration and office: Ext. 2

Garage: Ext. 3


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