DUMAS three years old and with a service and products that everyone has enjoyed

For those who live on the Costa Blanca and are lucky enough to have a garden, terrace or any outdoors then we wish to inform you again of a company based in Benissa that has for the past three years provided the best in excellent service and also the best in outdoor living furniture with everything you need to accommodate their outdoors to make them look amazing.


That company is Dumas Design, a company well known here at Spain Life and by all of our readers and for those of you who are newto them then we are going to tell you a little bit today about the extraordinary trajectory that Dumas has had in just three years.



Who is Dumas and what they do?


Dumas Exterior Design is a successful store that offers an exclusive selection of high-quality furniture for your garden and lounge that will bring your home that luxurious and exclusive touch you have always wanted. Leading this business is the Dutch family van der Mast, three brothers and their father. After a successful period as a family business in Holland, they decided to move to their beloved Costa Blanca, motivated by its excellent weather and its extraordinary cultural diversity.


The family chose the town of Benissa to open an outdoor furniture store that is distinguished by a production process closely monitored without intermediaries. In this way it is achieved that each item can be offered at reasonable prices. This effort is because Dumas Exterior Design believes that everyone deserves the ideal combination between affordable prices and quality.


But the most important fact about Dumas Exterior Design is that all their products are in stock. Many times you go to a store in search of a product that you have seen online, but they do not have stock and you have to return another day or be left with the desire of it. However, at Dumas Exterior Design every product is always available for collection or delivery.



Their products


Among everything you can find in Dumas, the following stand out:
Classic & exclusive rattan furniture.
LED furniture & decoration.
Life-size statues.
Aqua beanbags.
Exclusive wooden furniture and tables
Outdoor special heaters for your autumn and winter .
And many more items .


All the products at Dumas Design are available in different models and colors so you will always find the one that fits your needs or best suits your style and that of your home. In addition to all the above mentioned along with the fact that they have a large showroom that you can visit and see in person what you are looking for, have positioned Dumas in these three years as the top company in exterior design to get that luxurious look you’ve always dreamed of.



Dumas Design is known for its attentive service, for offering exactly what the client is looking for and for its high quality products. They are also now preparing all the new items that we will soon be showing you all for the fall and winter, as they are also specialized in heaters that will soon be available on their website so that just as your outdoors look beautiful in summer, also look so in winter with the best warm atmosphere in it.



See on our Spain Life site over the coming weeks the new video and new pictures of their latest products and services with a special showing on YouTube as well as this company continues to offer you the best in service and designs here in the Costa Blanca.


Visit them today or contact them at the number or email below.


Contact details:


Telephone: 694 493 476


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