Dumas Design: The Handmade Balinese Umbrellas For A Summer In Style

Umbrellas become an essential item to shield us when the sun rises.


As we all know, the sun provides several advantages. It is advised for persons who suffer from psoriasis or acne. It produces serotonin, which improves feelings of well-being and is useful for persons suffering from high stress, anxiety, or depression. The sun also boosts our blood circulation and raises white blood cells, which are in charge of defending and safeguarding our bodies.

But it’s also true that as summer approaches, the sun’s radiance increases, and we all start hearing about the problems caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Direct lesions are the most visible, but long-term pathologies, such as skin cancer, are the most concerning. Our bodies remember the harm caused by UV radiation, therefore the best advice is to avoid being alone during the day’s most dangerous hours.

When our plan is to spend the day at the beach, things get complicated. You don’t want to arrive with your entire set and dismantle it before midday after only a few hours of enjoyment.



As a result, a good beach umbrella is a must-have item in the arena: a parasol that provides shade and protects us from high temperatures. You may choose a plegable beach umbrella, a large beach one, an antique umbrella, or a little beach one excellent for reading a good book alone.


Balinese Umbrellas

Dumas Design brings us this summer the Balinese umbrellas also known as Balinese Festival Umbrellas that are made by extending the best quality cotton over the top of a timber stand. To say the least, their designs are eye-catching, with vivid colors and tassels and other ornaments hanging from the cotton.




Both the umbrella and its drawings are made and painted by hand that over time acquires a super cool vintage look. The umbrella is ideal for hot and sunny climates and interesting for private as well as commercial use for chiringuitos, restaurants and bars.



Dumas Design is known for offering personal service, exactly what the consumer wants, and manufacturing high-quality items.

In addition to this, and the fact that they have a large showroom where you can view what you are looking for in-person, Dumas has established itself as the leading business in exterior design over the previous four years.

Do you wish to lounge in style? Dumas Design has a fantastic collection of outdoor furniture and décor in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. Choose the best outdoor furniture to create a comfortable outside area.



Dumas is the correct location for outdoor furniture, whether it’s an outdoor L-shaped sofa, a deluxe outdoor set, or simply a basic balcony set.


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