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During Spain’s lock-down, everyone has had to spend more time at home and in the garden. Maybe you’ve noticed that some of your outdoor furniture is looking a bit tired and worn, or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to something new after your enforced isolation. Dumas Design of Benissa can help you brighten up your outdoor living space with their sustainably produced exclusive designs, so why not call them or head along to their showroom and see what’s available for you?


At Dumas Design, they combine quality, comfort, originality, durability and cost effectiveness in every piece they produce. So you can be sure you are neither paying over the odds nor sacrificing quality for affordability. You get what you pay for, whatever you are buying, and at Dumas, you can be sure of the best in outdoor furniture.


Right now, rattan furniture and repurposed wood are what everyone wants, as we try to keep our carbon footprints to a minimum. Dumas have an innovative range, made from scaffolding wood, but you’d never guess it from the look and feel of the finished products! Scaffolding wood comes from varieties of pine, and when it’s done its main job, it is often used in furniture products, because it’s tough and durable, and doesn’t warp in the rain or dry out too much in the sun. That makes it ideal for garden furniture in Spain, where we regularly endure the notorious gota frias, and temperatures can soar into the high 40s.


Dumas Design


Another advantage of pine is that it’s really solid, which makes stealing it more difficult if some passing stranger takes a fancy to it. And there’s nothing quite like the smell, texture and feel of wood to take you back to Nature and your childhood. Dumas Design has a range of stylish suites of garden furniture and individual pieces which can be mixed and matched as you wish.


If a more lightweight look is more practical for your needs, take a look at the rattan range. Rattan is a type of renewable vine which comes from Asia and Australasia. Basically, the outer coating is stripped and woven around a frame, and the inner wood can also be used in furniture and other projects. Again, Dumas Design’s rattan range can be mixed and matched, whether you’re looking for sunbeds, lounging furniture or cabanas.


Strictly speaking, a cabana is something like a small beach hut which can also be used for relaxation. The Dumas cabana is more like a lightweight four-poster bed, but with six positions for the backrest on each side. It’s a real touch of affordable luxury for and decent sized outdoor space.


Dumas also offer a unique suite which can be used separately as a semi-circular sofa, bench and round coffee table, or joined together to make a day bed, with a useful canopy for shade.


Whatever your taste in outdoor furniture, Dumas Design is sure to have something to inspire you. Contact them to discuss your requirements, our head along to their stylish showroom to browse their range. At Dumas Design, your leisure is their pleasure!


Dumas Design

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