DUMAS DESIGN; The Easy Beauty of Dining Heat Tables

December is unquestionably the most sentimental month of the year, as it is a time to reflect on and savor family dinners or hugs from someone you haven’t seen in years.

And it’s during this month that we have more meals and dinners planned, and we want our homes to be warm and inviting so that we can host hours upon hours of gatherings with our loved ones throughout this festive season.

Because, while December provides us with many happy and joyful moments, it also brings us the dreaded cold, which prevents us from enjoying certain of our home’s rooms. However, the arrival of chilly days doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to your patio or terrace for the season. While cold weather sends some folks running inside, those in the know simply turn on their patio heater or even better a dining table with a gas heater integrated to keep right on loving their outdoor space.

When you extend the life of your outdoor space with a patio heater, clear fall and winter nights can become some of your favorites throughout the entire year. Because when warmth is the biggest challenge you face, selecting the right patio heater is essential.

Dining tables with a gas heater

The built-in fire pits make the furniture a great all-rounder as you can use the furniture on a cool summer’s evening, or chilly autumn/winter mornings and evenings and keep warm with the fire pit’s warming flames as well as dining as normal when you choose to.

Dumas Design shows us in this article their range of dining sets with gas fire pits that are perfect for year-round use. Not only can you relax and keep warm but there is also plenty of space to dine, making this garden furniture suitable for every occasion and every weather.


Dining table 140×180 cm with built-in 12 kW gas heater


These tables are built of scaffolding wood that has been finished and burned, as well as hardwood or powder-coated aluminum frames, and will completely transform your outdoor space! Outdoor heaters and fire tables provide not only ambiance but also warmth and style to your home.


Gas burner with a 12 Kw capacity Gas type: propane or butane including tilt switch excluding gas bottle


Cozy, warm, and just stunning to take advantage of the winter days with the nice sunny days here in the Costa Blanca. As a result, we must assess if our balcony, patio, or garden is suited to take advantage of every ray of sunlight.

We at Spain Life advise you to make the most of your outside area during the winter months. As a result, we’ve included a selection of what you can find in the amazing Dumas Design showroom like stoves, tables, and comfortable sofas.



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