Dumas Design brings joy and fun to the summer

Now that spring has sprung and the danger of frost has passed, the urge to go outside and enjoy the lovely weather is drawing us into the garden and making us get our pools ready.


For those privileged ones who have a swimming pool, we have the perfect solution for those eternal summer after-dinner meals, or relaxing mornings and also the early nights by the pool.

 We have for you here the new innovative bean bags by Dumas Design which are extremely comfortable, innovative and can be used for stylish indoor and outdoor use.


Escape any time of the day and enjoy these wonderful bags to make your day a comfortable one.

Their bean bags are made from high-quality fade-resistant material and designed perfectly for relaxing and spending time with family and friends.






These bags have been created as a better alternative to plastic blowup floats that are uncomfortable, noisy, and difficult to keep underneath you. These bean bag loungers are big enough to accommodate two adults and can be dropped directly into the water, which allows you to climb aboard without having to get wet and without having to spend all of your energy trying to keep top of them.





They are easy to maintain and do not have to be inflated, and the outer fabric has been specially designed to dry quickly, and they are also ideal for screen-printing logos or custom designs.


The fabric is also fully removable, allowing you to install it on your terrace or in your living room, simply by changing the cover.‎ They are very resistant so you can also use them in all your aquatic games.‎


These floating beanbags by Dumas Design will very quickly become an essential accessory for your summer.‎

Contact them today or visit their website on the link below.




Contact details:



Telephone: 694 493 476


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