DS ICONIC BEAUTY, one of the most modern and best aesthetic clinics of its kind in Spain

When it comes to supporting  your appearance with aesthetic treatments, and especially with  aesthetic surgery you want to make sure you are doing your best when choosing an aesthetic clinic that will work with you to develop the best results plus  most importantly, to tell you honestly that what you require can happen


Well, at Spain Life we are always in search of the best health and beauty clinics and we have just come across DS ICONIC BEAUTY in Albir that is truly one of the most modern and best aesthetic clinics of its kind in Spain. In the exclusive area of Costa Blanca, it offers its clients comprehensive services and perfect care in the area of ​​beauty and health.























DS ICONIC BEAUTY is a specialist in providing effective treatments covering all areas of aesthetic medicine and we will be showing you more of this in the future but in this feature, we are going to highlight some of their outstanding services and treatments that really make it stand out.




One of the treatments that this excellent clinic focuses on is slimming. Its numerous and effective body slimming treatments make this clinic the best option when we want to achieve a body with less flaccidity, less fat, and more toned.


Mesotherapy is a treatment that rejuvenates and tightens the skin and removes excess fat with several treatments to eliminate the body flaccidity or remodel your silhouette, at DS ICONIC BEAUTY you will find the one that also meets your needs.


Also, if there is something that sets them apart it is that they offer a complete slimming service because as we all know slimming treatments may be effective but if we complement them with a balanced diet, the results will be unbeatable.


So for that, they have an expert nutritionist who adapts their diets to the needs of each person as well as to the treatment they may be undergoing, all of this is to offer top service and ensure excellent results.


Face rejuvenation and beautification


DS ICONIC BEAUTY also stands out for their specialization in facial rejuvenation, they are the only ones in the area that have the powerful and effective CO2 Laser used for facial rejuvenation treatment, as well as to combat scars, marks, and stretch marks, among other skin alterations.


Their obsession for a job well done, and to adapt to the needs of each person so they have a specialized team for each part of the body and each treatment as well as professionals who carry it out.


Thus, in addition to the well-known CO2 Laser, they also use collagen biostimulation techniques; an aesthetic medicine treatment indicated for facial areas, neck, neckline, back of hands, arms, etc…  Its use is diverse, complete, and very safe, ensuring completely natural results, and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Facial Rejuvenation, for those who don’t know is a procedure that promotes collagen production and stimulates it to develop complete facial rejuvenation instead of focusing on just specific wrinkles. The result is natural-looking that can last for as long as two years.




Botox is also one of the most demanded treatments to help soften expression lines that appear in the eyebrows, the forehead, the corners of the lips, or the contour of the eyes and as beauty experts, they are specialized in one of the most effective techniques to harmonize the face which is called “beautification”, for this they use hyaluronic acid.


This includes the enhancement of bony features, facial shaping, and the lifting of soft tissues. This will make you appear more attractive, more youthful, and refreshed.


The treatment is based on the age of the person, what he/she wants and of course the opinion of the professional team of DS ICONIC BEAUTY that has previously had a consultation with the person to assess everything before performing the treatment and thus achieve the desired results.



From Spain Life, we highly recommend this clinic as we have been impressed by the professionalism, the state-of-the-art rooms where all the treatments are performed, the experienced and very nice team of professionals and the equipment they use which is with no doubt the latest on the market. Their passion for the beauty and wellbeing of their clients leads them to be in continuous evolution and always looking for the latest treatments to bring them to the clinic.




They also have a very unusual service, something out of the ordinary that deserves mentioning and that is that they have a private driver who picks you up and takes you to the clinic, both before and after treatment in case you cannot move by yourself (a maximum of 15 km approx.)


We could say DS ICONIC BEAUTY is most probably one of the largest aesthetic clinics in Costa Blanca and not only in terms of space but in terms of services and professionalism as they have experts in each field.



They also offer a  medical spa with traditional massages and a beauty salon with a cosmetic eye and nail design.


Also, each consultation is given by their professionals who have great ability to provide  DS ICONIC BEAUTY clients real solutions to problems associated with skin aging, (pigmentation and color inequalities, dehydration, and unclean skin with acne-prone), silhouette, and volume remodelation, as mentioned above…


They also offer all types of LASER to treat any akin problem such as spider veins, wart removal…


Therefore we have it on good authority that it is one of the most complete and professional clinics we have seen and they always take great personalized care on the needs of each patient …. After diagnosis and consultation with the doctor first, they will then prepare the treatment that best suits your needs.


If you want to improve your appearance, reshape your body, see your skin more beautiful and rejuvenated or give yourself a wellness treat, don’t hesitate, contact DS ICONIC BEAUTY today and get your free consultation.





Contact details:

PHONE: +34 966 86 86 98


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