Dr. Jose Salvador brings us the latest collagen boosters for radiant skin this summer.

Dr. Jose Salvador speaks to us today about collagen boosters for our skin. These are not new products; they have been with us for decades. They are chemical compounds such as polylactic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite, which when subcutaneously injected, are able to induce the production of one’s own collagen to replace the lost.






Why is collagen important for the skin?



Dr. Jose Salvador talks about the importance of collagen to our skin since it is a natural component of the skin whose function is to support and build blocks of cells, tissues and organs, and together with other substances such as elastin is responsible for providing the skin with elasticity, tightness, firmness, and smoothness, i.e. youthfulness.


The body naturally produces the collagen it needs, but its production gradually decreases as the years go by so that means these substances are lost in the skin and it becomes thinner, more fragile, wrinkled and flaccid. It is also very important for the joints and other systems such as the vascular system.


At any given age, the total collagen content of the skin is lower in a woman than in a man, and it decreases at a rate of 1.5% per year over a lifetime. This means that a woman will have naturally lost almost half of the collagen in her skin by the time she reaches the age of 50.


Another point to consider is environmental stress, such as sun exposure, skin damage, contact with pollutants, smoking, or certain toxic substances.



As collagen decreases, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, and wrinkles and sagging begin to appear.



Ellanse; Natural and long-lasting facelift.



Dr. Jose Salvador, an expert Aesthetic Physician specialized in facial and body rejuvenation, inspired by the needs of patients who came to his clinic with poor skin quality that used to limit the results of his medical work, has decided to work on a medical line of skincare with scientifically proven results to achieve beautiful and healthy skin and to help complement the aesthetic medicine treatments performed on his patients.


We are talking about the latest on collagen boosters that are Ellanse which is a facial treatment that acts below the deep dermis and is indicated to treat the signs of aging, restoring elasticity and luminosity to the skin, recovering the shape of the oval and facial volume without changing its expression.


It is the most novel innovation in Spain now for a natural and long-lasting lifting due to its easy handling, stability, results, and duration seems to be positioned as the first-line treatment in facial rejuvenation and for the back of the hands.






Therefore they are not simple fillers but they are products that once injected at the level of the deep or medium dermis, have a fleeting filling effect, i.e. their volume disappears by reabsorption in a short period of time, but the molecules of the active agents remain to provoke a continuous stimulus in the skin so as to manufacture one’s own collagen.


Its effect then is more gradual and natural; the patients have the real feeling that their face is enhanced day by day, the agents correct the nasolabial folds, they elevate the mouth commissures, they fill the cheeks and the cheekbones and the skin acquires the smoothness and plumpness it had lost.


Dr. Jose Salvador advises two or three sessions (typically over 4-6 months) for complete treatment and to achieve optimal results that can be maintained for up to 2-3 years.


So if you really want to finally be able to show off beautiful skin, without marks, without slack and all this carried out by a simple treatment that guarantees optimal results, don’t think twice and give them a call.





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