Is The Clock Ticking For The Traditional Car Dealership?

Hyundai Motor launches digital car dealership in Spain

hyundaiMillions of customers visit shopping centers every day. Now they can further the experience and buy Hyundai cars directly while shopping: Rockar Hyundai, an innovative approach to new car buying, has established two stores in the United Kingdom, where visitors can research, test-drive, part-exchange their old car and purchase a new Hyundai – with cash or various finance packages – all at the click of a mouse or touch of a button.

              And now Spain!

Launching Hyundai Click2Drive and opening the new Hyundai Click2Drive Gamboa dealership is the latest achievement in the company’s digital strategy to revolutionize traditional car sales. The store is operated by Hyundai dealer Motor Gamboa Group and located in Gran Plaza 2 shopping center in Majadahonda, Madrid.

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