Doctor Najma Hussain of Medcare Spain: Your British GP in Benijofar

Medcare Spain has been offering English speaking medical services since 2005, and dental services since 2010, in Alfaz del Pi and Benijofar. Dr Hussain took over the Premier Health practice in Alfaz when the incumbent GP retired, and her original intention was simply to  continue to provide a full range of GP services, with the only difference being her surgery was in the sun, so to speak.


It wasn’t too long before she realised that there was a pressing need for English-speaking doctors to work alongside the Spanish health service. British residents and tourists found the situation very different to what they were used to, and in some cases, they were choosing not to get treatment, even though the Spanish health service is one of the best in Europe. It’s just very different to what people are used to, and when we are ill, we find comfort in the familiar.


Medcare Spain


There’s a full team of medical and complementary practitioners, including doctors, dentists, a cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, psychologist and practice nurse, alongside three friendly receptionists to keep the admin and customer relations side of the clinic running smoothly. Dr Hussain is looking to add a physiotherapist, a pedologist and a pelvic floor specialist to the team in the near future.


Dr Hussain is keen to expand on the range of skill sets currently on offer, and make Medcare a one-stop clinic where most of your medical needs can be met, in a familiar language, and in a familiar way, based on the UK GP system. She told Spain Life Exclusive:


The language barrier is sometimes a problem for retired expats, and these are the demographic most likely to need regular treatment. There can also be an embarrassment issue when a woman goes to a doctor with a gynaecological problem, for example. She doesn’t really want to describe her symptoms to an interpreter whom she may have only just met.


Medcare Spain


UK residents are also used to full disclosure from GPs and other medical professionals, whereas some other nationalities don’t really want to know all the details, as long as their problem is being addressed. It’s a cultural thing, and 40 or 50 years ago, when British GPs were more reticent, Matron ruled the hospital wards, and the consultant was only slightly lower down the hierarchy than the Queen, it wouldn’t have been an issue.


The typical modern British patient wants to know exactly what’s wrong with them, and why a particular treatment is necessary. In many cases, they also want to be proactive in their treatment, and have a better understanding of their bodies. This is the unique facility that Medcare has been providing for the last 14 years, and it’s very much appreciated by thousands of patients who entrust their health care to Doctor Hussain and her team.


When people need to see a doctor, they are vulnerable, and anything that can help with patient confidence will ease the treatment path. Many people move to the Costa Blanca area because the World Health Organisation has designated it the healthiest place for people with breathing issues and joint problems. However, there are still times when they need the services of a GP or other health professionals. In addition, because they feel so much better, thanks to the climate and lifestyle, they are more aware of the need to stay healthy.


Medcare Spain


This is another area where Doctor Hussain and her team of experienced professionals at Medcare Spain can help, with tests and assessments designed for early detection and treatment. Becoming a Medcare Spain member gives a number of advantages, which we will elaborate on in future features. Contact the clinic on the details below to find out how Medcare Spain can help with consultations, treatment and health advice in English.


Contact Details:


Calle del Sol No 2, Benijofar, 03178

Calle Oslo 24, Alfaz del Pi, 03580

Telephone: 966 860 258




Medcare Spain

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