Do you want a magical scenery in your life?, then CHARLESWORTH GARDENS can give it to you

Nature attracts us, regenerates us, is the face of beauty on earth. Art, on the other hand, attracts our soul, makes it calmer, completes it. Now try to combine those two elements and you have… CHARLESWORTH GARDENS!

Working with the best

CHARLESWORTH GARDENS is the Costa Blanca´s leading garden design and landscaping company. Creating gardens is their speciality and with over 25 years of experience, CHARLESWORTH GARDENS have managed to transform houses, companies, neighbourhoods…even lives.



For CHARLESWORTH GARDENS it is very important to work with the best and achieve excellent results for there clients. In fact, every single project for them is a small piece of art. Therefore, the director/ designer, Lee Charlesworth understands not only how to design, but how to bring his designs to life.

They listen to you

With many years of experience working for a local building contractor Lee Charlesworth has designed and constructed gardens for a Multiple Award Winning Landscape company. Thus, he has built gardens at some of the most prestigious homes in the UK, and also at the Chelsea Flower show.

The experience and innovative ways of using materials allow him to listen to his clients, their wishes and needs, giving the best result based on their personality and lifestyle. Moreover, using his ideas and knowledge he can take full advantage of the potential of the space and microclimate in which they live. In this way, CHARLESWORTH GARDENS succeeds to pull every project together in a coherent and elegant way.



See the excellence

As it is known picture is worth a thousand words. So it is better you visit their photo gallery and see by your own eyes the excellence, the quality and inspiration of there projects yourselves.



With many ideas for your house, they can cover every need you have.



Upgrade your home and your life now



Make the decision now and trust the best! CHARLESWORTH GARDENS can give you the magical scenery you are looking for.



You can learn more by visiting  CHARLESWORTH or you can contact them at:

Telephone: +34 696 283 704



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