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Would you like to renovate your home and you don’t know where to start? Do you want to change your home furniture and do not know where to go? At Home Concept Decor they will advise you on everything you need to totally remodel your home from top to bottom with the best price guaranteed. Do you want to know more about this exquisite company of Calpe?


Surely when you see the homes of celebrities on television you think: ‘I want a room like that!’. Well, why can’t you have it? You may not have the large spaces of the Isabel Preysler’s house, but you can go to a professional to exploit the full potential of the rooms in your house and turn them into a luxurious environment where hanging out is a real pleasure. And that is what Home Concept Decor experts are dedicated to.


The story of this company begins in 2005 with a very simple concept collaborating with the KA International franchise, with decorative elements and auxiliary furniture. Given the demand and excellence of their services, this company was growing fast. At the same time, their customers asked for design quality furniture, so that little by little the concept of the store was transformed into an exclusive showroom where to find elegant, stylish and durable high-quality furniture. In this sense, in Home Concept Decor they separated themselves from simple, vulgar and less quality furniture, so everything you can find in this place –a space between decoration shop and furniture store– is of medium or high-quality.


Home Concept Decor, your furniture and decoration shop in Calpe


A perfect comprehensive and complete decoration service

In addition, one of the features that best characterises this company is that they make very personalised projects, offering a close and attentive approach from the first moment. In this way, the client always has direct contact with the same person. Once the customers contact Home Concept Decor, the staff go to their homes to advise them and measure the place. Once the renovation project has been approved by the client, the same staff go to the facilities to complete it. Thus, they get rid of external collaborators and guarantee a result of the highest quality.


Another aspect that differentiates them from other similar businesses is that they try to cause the least annoyance to their customers. For example, they prevent their clients from having to go to the store taking sample books to their homes. So, the staff of Home Concept Decor always look for maximum comfort for their customers, during and after the completion of the project. In this way, the client only has to approve the project or request small changes. This type of service has a great reception, since today what we have less is free time. If the client goes to Calpe on holiday, the last thing he wants is to go from store to store asking for quotes. This is one of the reasons why people highly value Home Concept Decor so much.


Everything you need to decorate and furnish your home

In their wonderful showroom you will find complete exhibitions of bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms, as well as entrance halls and outdoor spaces. Also, they also offer lighting solutions and all kinds of ideas for home decoration, textile and wallpaper installation. In this showroom you can be inspired by the great aesthetic sense and the delicious taste of the Home Concept Decor managers. They move away from the typical cold showroom showing you how the furniture and decoration would look like in your home. Their compositions are so wonderful that there have even been customers who have bought entire environments!


Find everything you're looking for for your home in Home Concept Decor


In addition, another service that highlights the excellent attention that clients receive from this store is the integral installation of the pieces they buy. Not only furniture, also decorative objects. That is, if you buy a vase with flowers, they will take it you home, place it in the best spot and even display the flowers so that they look in the most exquisite way without charging you more. And that can only be done by a true decoration expert, such as Home Concept Decor professionals.


Through their more than 14 years of experience, the managers of this store have come a long way, feeling especially proud of the extremely personalised and comfortable treatment they offer every day to their customers. Come to their showroom to get inspired. You just have to worry about enjoying your renovated and stylish home. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



Home Concept Decor

Calle Pintor Sorolla, 13, Calpe – 03710 (Alicante)

Telephone: +34 965 875 084


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