Discover AJOMARINBA; Home Decor On A Journey Through The Senses

Travel without a doubt provides a renewed view of the world, of what surrounds us, and inspires us to live with more peace and appreciation, and this is the mantra of the Ajomarinba project, which has been open for a year already.

Today we look at who is behind this one-of-a-kind and interesting project. It is in fact two sisters from Elche who have definitely made a great team as are Rocio and Ajo Ballester and in this article today we will introduce you to them and their modest, soulful business.



When we talk about establishing a solid team I believe we all agree on the notion of people who complement each other and offer different aspects of their knowledge to a certain area or project. These two Elche girls are a perfect example of this.

Rocio and Ajo are in charge of Ajomarinba, a beautiful home décor workshop based in the town of Elche, Alicante.

Ajomarinba was inspired by the two sisters who wanted to realize their cultural experiences in an artistic and decorative project after traveling through many countries such as Thailand, China, Africa, India, and Mexico, among others.

Ajo, a shoe designer who is enthusiastic about the artistic world and décor is behind the selection of each one-of-a-kind object, and each piece of furniture acquired from far and exotic locations.

On the other side, Rocio, a human resources graduate, is in charge of ensuring that all of these things and special pieces reach all of you. Her kind, comprehensible, and professional approach to interacting with customers makes it extremely simple for us to acquire any of them, and Ajo does an excellent job of making us fall in love with these items.


Ajomarinba – A Space For Inspiration

Ajomarinba has that uniqueness and distinctiveness that distinguishes the pieces and decorative components that are chosen with love and attention. Unique objects that when combined, create memorable and very special settings.

Its major goal is to educate its clients on where to obtain those one-of-a-kind objects with which we all aspire to add a touch of difference and personality to our environments.

Because of what happened during the pandemic it was somehow difficult to import furniture and decorative pieces from other countries, so they instead focused on home textiles right after opening the store; table linens for both individuals and businesses, decorative cushions, curtains, as well as tapestries and paintings with fabrics.

When things had calmed down to a more sensible level, they were able to put the final touches on their most talked-about project: importing those one-of-a-kind items from India which started roughly six months ago.

The majority of the furniture in Ajomarinba is imported from exotic India. Antiques, high-quality materials, and accents will add uniqueness to your home. The remaining are pieces with souls from previous travels that captured their owners.


Customized Service


If Ajomarinba stands out for something, it is the creation of bespoke goods and guidance. Obviously, their imported Indian items are unrepeated but the textile product is entirely customizable and geared at both people and professionals (hospitality, architects, interior designers, etc).

Not to mention that the treatment is tailored and that they strive to supply the consumer with exactly what they want.

We suggest you take a look at their incredible products because if you are looking for that lovely wardrobe or furniture statement that is not only different from anyone else but also unique in its look then Ajomarinba is the company we recommend you call today as you will love the items they have in store.




Contact Details:


Partida Daimes – Polígono 1, N200-A

03293 Derramador – Elche

+34 626 70 09 77

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