Design ideas from Hogarguti, Denia: Ring the changes in your kitchen with colour

There are lots of reasons for going for a white kitchen in your Spanish home. For a start, it’s cooler, as white reflects the sunlight rather than absorbing it. It’s easy to accessorise with different colours, and if your kitchen is built in the small, American style so popular these days, white gives an illusion of space and light, so maximising your space.


The problem is, too much white can look cold and unwelcoming. In fact, a large white kitchen may look more like a clinical waiting room than the heart of the home! And It can be difficult to keep clean too. Here are some design ideas from Hogarguti of Denia to add warmth, colour and personality to your white kitchen, easily and quickly.


Floor Coverings and Doors


The obvious way to add colour instantly is through floor covering. Maybe some bright rugs in areas that take a lot of footfall, such as the sink and the cooker. Or cover the kitchen with practical cushioned vinyl that’s hard wearing and easy to keep clean. Rugs that are not fixed should have non-slip backing for safety reasons.

If your kitchen floor is white marble, it’s a shame to cover that up, but to add some splashes of colour, buy some decorative transfers, similar to those you can buy for windows, and apply them in random arrangements to the floor area. You could carry that theme to some of the cupboard doors too. Upper level doors are better for this, to avoid food and drink splashes or dirty marks from pets and children brushing against the doors.


Cooking Utensils and Accessories


Hogarguti Kitchens


Add more colour with brightly coloured cooking utensils such as knives, saucepans, kettle, toaster and chopping boards. Go for single shades or a couple of complementary colours, carried through the kitchen. Or you might consider white backgrounds with coloured patterns. These days, you can get just about any colour combination or pattern on essential kitchen items, so browse around for the look you want.


Avoid using too many different colours though – it could end up looking like you accessorised your kitchen from a second hand shop or a car boot sale! Have a theme and a scheme to your kitchen, so it looks pleasing to the eye.


Furniture and Soft Furnishings


Another good way to introduce colour to your white kitchen is with table furnishings such as table runners, centre pieces, place mats, and anything that is kept on the table in your kitchen. The chairs or stools you use to sit on can also bring accents of colour to your kitchen. Be bold and mix your chair colours, but again, be mindful that everything blends together in some way, so your furnishings and soft furnishings don’t appear to be mere afterthoughts. The kitchen should look as if it was planned that way, not as if it was done haphazardly.




Kitchen shelves are not just storage spaces, they can easily be turned into a unique design feature. Go for fairly short shelves that don’t go from end to end of the available wall space. Create an arrangement of shelves on a suitable wall, and then arrange cookware or crockery so it looks tasteful and pleasing to the eye. This way, your shelves can be functional, decorative and colourful, all at the same time.


We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration to add colour to your white kitchen in an imaginative and practical way. The great thing about this type of design is it’s easy to change it around when you fancy a different look as you cook. None of these ideas are expensive or permanent, so you can have a new look kitchen whenever you want.


For more ideas for stylish designs in your kitchen or anywhere in your home, why not head along to Hogarguti and browse their selection of contemporary room arrangements? Their friendly, experienced staff are waiting to help you make the most of your home.


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