Delarra Clinic; pioneers in vascular and aesthetic medicine

Recently we had the pleasure of getting to know the newly set up Delarra Clinic who is based next to the Marriot hotel near Denia and we found that they are specialists in aesthetic and vascular medicine. The clinic located in the privileged Costa Blanca is highly specialized in the latest advances in medical treatments and aesthetic medicine.


The success of their interventions and treatments is due to the enormous dedication of their qualified team of doctors.

In addition to this, Delarra Clinic has also very comprehensive and personalized programs to suit their patient’s needs, and their mission is to always provide a professional service that allows people to help to improve their personal image and to also highlight their features. Moreover, they tend to improve the patient’s personal imperfections in the most natural way possible.


For this purpose, their clinic has two doctors who are experts in these different areas of medicine and aesthetics.


Meet Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Miranda De Larra




Dr. Garcia Miranda is the driving force behind “the Delarra project”. He is an Ecographist and Cosmetic Physician and his area of expertise is Cosmetic Medicine in all its forms, both facial- body- hair and nutritional.


He always aims to use the most innovative and minimally invasive techniques to treat all the most demanding aesthetic specialties.



Meet Dr. Octavio Cosin



Dr. Octavio Cosin Sales is a vascular surgeon and interventional radiologist. He is responsible for the vascular area at Delarra Clinic. Thanks to his extensive training and specialization in the field of vascular medicine, he became the first in Spain to combine these two medical specialties, so closely related to the diagnosis and treatment of circulatory problems.


All the treatments carried out by Dr. Octavio are minimally invasive with quick recovery time and by always taking care of an essential aspect in the soul of Delarra clinic by achieving the aesthetic result.


Thanks to all the advances and the state-of-the-art-technology, they manage to tackle all the vein issues and in addition, they manage to effectively eliminate such a common and unsightly problem as varicose veins.



They manage to eliminate them quickly and without any type of surgery. They use innovative techniques such as Clarivein, Sclerosis of all kinds, Laser, occlusion of the varicose veins by means of glue, etc. The combination of these techniques makes it possible to treat all types of varicose veins.



If you are looking for an aesthetic clinic where they have the highest level of care and where safety is always the first consideration then Delarra clinic is the right place for you. Their qualified team takes care of you entirely by putting your health first as the cornerstone on which to build your beauty.


In addition, at Delarra Clinic, they have invested most of their time and effort into being able to offer you the best technology and they have facilities that are unique in the Valencian Community and they are based in the privileged surroundings of the Marina Alta as part of the  La Sella Resort and they offer their patients the most avant-garde and contrasting up to date treatments.






Therefore trust what is  the most professional experts and ask for your appointment at Delarra clinic today.

From the first consultation which is completely free of charge, they will advise you on the treatments that best suit your needs. For more information, please visit their website or find them on social media.




Contact Details:

Address: Beside Marriot Hotel. Partida Alquería Ferrando, s/n, 03749, Dénia (Alicante)



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