Date Night with a Tasting Menu at Casa Pepa in Ondara, Alicante

Today we have a proposal for an exciting idea for a romantic date, where you can indulge in high-end food whilst enjoying good company. At the Michelin restaurant Casa Pepa in Ondara they provide the option to buy a gift pass for a tasting menu.


The famous restaurant, which is known for its history and tasty cuisine is now led by the young Chef: Aina Serra Pedros who at her young age has already created a good gastronomic impact with her exciting menus.



Let us reflect again on the story of Casa Pepa briefly. The restaurant was owned by Pepa Romans, who put her heart and soul into creating a gastronomic space within her family farmhouse. Her efforts were rewarded in 2000 when she was awarded her first Michelin star. Unfortunately, Pepa passed away in 2016 which led the BonAmb group taking over the establishment.

Despite the change in management, Pepa’s legacy and history were left intact and were always respected. This is how one of the best restaurants in Costa Blanca has continued to thrive. A visit to Casa Pepa not only means a variety of excellent food, but also a visit to the past.

This is why we believe that one of their tasting menus is an ideal option for a summer night with your partner.  An evening at Casa Pepa is an excellent experience for those who enjoy good food, a cozy ambiance, and a touch of history. The restaurant will welcome you to their outdoor patio where you can have a relaxed and comfortable dining experience. The restaurant has been recently renovated and turned into the beautiful space it is now.



With prices starting at 150 euro for two you can get two Menu Flavedo to enjoy. This menu includes an aperitivo, 3 courses, dessert, and coffee per person. With this option, you can enjoy the selection curated by Chef Aina Serra Pedros. It is an ideal gift for those who are foodies at heart and can’t miss such a unique gastronomic experience as the one offered by Casa Pepa.



Instead, if you wish to indulge in an incredible wine pairing, we suggest the menú Envà which is the perfect option for wine lovers, but we also highlight that the voucher is also accepted with water.

We can’t recommend this more as the restaurant has a sensational wine cellar with a curated selection of wines. Therefore, choosing this option will elevate your gastronomic experience to the fullest. This menu includes an aperitivo, seven courses, a pre-dessert, dessert, coffee, and seven wine pairings. For every dish they propose, the staff has carefully chosen wine that perfectly pairs with the dish.

The prices are more accessible than most Michelin restaurants, however, the quality is just as excellent. We have personally been to the restaurant several times, and we keep coming back for more of its wonderful cuisine. We have no doubt that a date night spent at Casa Pepa will be a memorable evening.


Address: Partida Pamis, 7-30 – 03760 – Ondara, Alicante

Telephone Number:  +34 965 76 66 06



Wednesday to Sundays: 13:00- 16:00


Thursday: 19:30 – 22:30

Friday and Saturday: 20:00 – 23:00


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