CUBOHAUS; Designed to Meet Your Personal Requirements

Could prefabricated homes be the future of housing?

Are you seeking a different kind of home from what you’ve been used to? Minimalism and compact dwellings appeal to you? Or perhaps you’re simply considering constructing some additional room onto your property.

Well if this is the case and it describes you then we are going to look with this feature at what pod homes are and why they could be the right match for you by telling you about  Cubohaus, the company that has created something that solves everyone’s needs for that apartment type of extension to your home or that extra pod space.



We personally here at Spain Life Exclusive love these pod homes because of their eco-friendly touch, adaptability, speed of construction, and comparatively low cost compared to traditional builds.

They can, however, be just as contemporary, gorgeous, and practical as a typical home!


The concept


We must be adaptive and versatile in today’s environment to find the right products and CUBOHAUS is our answer to this situation. ​A magnificent and adaptable room that can be erected practically anywhere and provides you with the necessary space without sacrificing style or quality.



Whether you need a home office, an extra bedroom for guests, a home gym, or a bar, CUBOHAUS can provide you with the space you desire, built to your specifications and designed to complement any landscape or available area.




What is a pod home?



Pod houses are compact prefabricated buildings that are delivered in small parts. Cubohaus constructs them in factories and then installs them on site.

In the spirit of small dwellings, they may be placed anywhere, in the city or in nature. Even if it’s just for a weekend break, living in a smaller house is intriguing as a chance to go back to basics.



Pod houses typically contain one or two bedrooms, while Cubohaus has even three. They are suitable for living in but they are also appealing to those looking to construct backyard studios, outdoor studios, gyms, garages, and so on. At Cubohaus, the only limit is your imagination, as they have a variety of pod homes to meet all of their customers’ needs in a flexible and luxurious way.



Pods from Cubohaus



Each CUBOHAUS is exquisitely designed and completed, with unique furniture, LED lighting, air-conditioning (cool/heat), and other features tailored to your individual needs.

The structure is not only beautiful, but it is also well-insulated and uses energy-efficient windows, as well as a combination of natural and LED lighting to reduce energy use.



CUBOHAUS can even be constructed to run off the grid, giving you a genuinely adaptable area that you may put anywhere you want it.

CUBOHAUS creates an extraordinarily robust framework using contemporary and economical prefabricated steel building processes, then adds a high-quality finish while minimizing waste.

Traditional building methods cause disturbance and time delays, but with this new approach, you may have the designer luxury space you need in as little as 2 days on-site.

CUBOHAUS, which is made in Spain, is now accessible not just in Spain, but also in all of Europe and much of the rest of the globe.

Visit them or give them a call if you have any needs, and check out their website to learn more about why “small houses” are becoming popular lifestyle alternatives, and we encourage you call them as soon as possible because the demand for these amazing designs has never been higher.


Contact Details:

Tel: +34 634 30 40 14


Office Poligono Industrial  Santa Ana,

Calle Mayans 12, Nave 3A

03140 Guardamar Del Segura

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