Costa Weflen Group: The Smile sets the style for real estate on the Costa Blanca!

The first thing you notice when you click on Costa Weflen Group’s impressive website is not the many beautiful properties of all descriptions, although that’s probably why you visited there in the first place. It’s the simple but effective ‘smile’ logo. But wait, isn’t property purchase and moving really stressful? Why would a real estate agent have a smile as a logo? More on that later, but this is one real estate agency that feels you should relax and enjoy the excitement of the journey to your dream home, while they do all the work.


At Costa Weflen Group (CWG) they get on with seeing your purchase through, while keeping you informed at every step of the way, whether you buy a new build or resale property. They even have a dedicated after sales department, to smooth the path in those important but intense first few months after you leave the Notary as the owner of your dream home in the sun. Now it’s time for Spain Life Exclusive to introduce you to the remarkable lady who is behind the CWG Smile.


Hilde is originally from Norway, but moved to Torrevieja in 1998, so she’s spent around half her life in Spain. She was fed up with cold, dark winters in her home country, and in 2002, she formed the basis of what is now the CWG, as its sole employee and owner. CWG opened a second office in Alicante about two years ago, and it’s now the company’s main office.


Costa Weflen Group


Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, there is not always someone in the offices, so please call and make an appointment for your first property consultation. The lovely people at CWG would hate for you to waste your valuable time travelling to one of their offices, only to find there is nobody there to greet them!


She has now assembled a dedicated team of professionals who know Spain and the housing market inside out. However, Hilde doesn’t see her company as just another real estate agency. She told us:


We are guides, advisers and personal assistants to our clients, who often become friends, because we work so closely with them through the whole process of buying, selling and settling in. I work really hard with my team to ensure my customers are happy and satisfied at the end of this crucial stage of their journey through life.


Hilde’s business philosophy is echoed through all the personnel who work with her. Unusually for a real estate business, there is lots of information on the people who may be working with you, and the process of buying. It’s a welcome change to come across a real estate agency website that isn’t overflowing with property listings, but scarce on information about the company, its representatives, and the process of buying in Spain, which can be very unfamiliar and intimidating to foreigners. But then, as Hilde already said, Costa Weflen Group is not just another real estate agency.


Some businesses can be a bit reticent with the information they provide on their website, particularly in relation to personal information, but each member of the CWG team provides a photo, brief biography and mission statement, and even personal phone numbers, as well as business emails.


Here at Spain Life Exclusive, we deal with many different companies, from small businesses to large corporations, and it’s encouraging to see such a level of transparency and trust, particularly in a niche which has had its share of bad press in the past. You feel like you already know and trust the team members, and that gives an instant feeling of safety and security as you venture into one of the most expensive and life-changing transactions you will ever make.


While CWG deals offers an impressive selection of high end, luxury properties for sale, there’s something on the website to suit every budget and lifestyle. These new build apartments on the sought-after Vista Bella Golf urbanisation in Alicante province start at €148,900 excluding VAT. There are two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments to choose from, as well as villas, and there’s a downloadable PDF and more information about the area, with named agents to contact regarding viewing. This means you can make sure the properties fit your needs in terms of build area, amenities and locations before arranging a viewing. This way, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy before you even set foot inside a property.




As you have gathered by now, Hilde is no ordinary real estate agent, and she didn’t want a typical house or sun logo. She’s a naturally happy person, and she told us:


I was born smiling, and I am always happy and positive. I make solutions – I don’t look for problems. That’s why my logo is a smile. And it’s different, so people remember us, from our logo and from our level of personal service.


It’s certainly an appropriate logo for a company that prides itself on delivering what the customer wants, and making the property purchase process something to smile about. On the ‘Why Us’ page of their website, CWG explain the whole viewing procedure, and state they will allocate a designated colleague to accompany you on your inspection visit. It’s all about transparency and trust, and that comes from giving people what they want, by taking the time to find out their real needs when it comes to buying your home in Spain. As Hilde says:


I have no ambition to be the biggest real estate agency in Spain, but I really want to be the most trusted. Pleasing people makes me happy, and that’s why I do what I do, every single day.


You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by placing your trust in Costa Weflen Group to help you realise your dream of a life in the sun, or a holiday home where you can make memories with your loved ones for many years to come. Give them a call soon – life is for living to the full, and you deserve to make your dreams into reality.


Contact details


Costa Weflen Group



Calle Canonigo Torres 84,
03181 Torrevieja
Alicante, Spain

Calle San Fransisco 64

Alicante, Spain

Telephone: 639 68 96 51 General enquiries number and email are the same for both offices


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