Coping With Digestive Sensitivity in Puppies

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Puppies have sensitive stomachs and low digestive tolerance, so they can be prone to suffer from digestive problems. This is mainly due to the fact that their bowel is not yet fully developed. They can be prone to catch viral diseases and intestinal parasites due to their weak immune system. Under these circumstances it is necessary to give them an easily digested feed that is specially formulated to help them develop a state of optimal health.

This feed should contain nutrients that considerably favour protein digestion and that leaves little residue in the colon such as chicken, carbohydrates such as rice, and prebiotics such as beet pulp, amongst others, that help regulate colonic bacterial population. Fish oil also plays an important role because it reduces the inflammation associated with digestive disorders due to its EPA and DHA content.

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Lupo Sensitive 24/10 is prepared especially with top ingredients that promote full digestion, bowel and colon care, also providing the necessary energy and nutrients for optimal development, allowing your puppy to enjoy an active and healthy life.

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