ConBrassa Restaurant puts Benidorm on the gastronomic map.

“I am a Chef before anything else. The public is becoming more and more knowledgeable about food, so we must keep up with the demand, which means working at a very high level” Licinio Chef of ConBrassa Restaurant in Benidorm.


33 years cooking, owner of 5 restaurants and another one opening soon

Licinio, the chef and owner of Conbrassa Restaurant can be described in football terms as one of those coaches giving orders to the players standing by the field. That is his style. He is always busy, but he greeted us warmly wearing his chef apron while making sure every dish for the pictures we took were just perfect. He’s a hands-on man and likes to supervise everything that comes out of the kitchen. 


conbrassa restaurant benidorm

Quality and passion are the main ingredients in everything he does 

In July last year Urban beach was the official opening, casual eating but still high quality. In April, Aruba opens up in Javea, has an Ibicenco style, just by looking at the renders we were impressed. For this new project, he has contracted the same architect because he captures Licinio’s ideas.
When we asked him, why does he need another restaurant when he already has 5?
He responded with a twinkle in the eyes, “ I love the adrenaline and the excitement, it is great when you are opening a new restaurant”.


conbrassa restaurant
Crystal Bread with tomato and Ham, Entrecote beef Black Angus Grilled Salmon, Stuffed Roasted pepper with anchovy and fresh cheese, rice and milk pastry and wild fruits custard.

A cooking style that respects the products 

His cuisine is so exceptional that he could undoubtedly deserve a Michelin star, so we asked him if getting one was a desire of him. He shook his head and said no, he would rather have people coming twice a week than people coming only once and never coming back and then added – “A Michelin star restaurant can’t have better quality products than the ones we sell here. The only difference is, I choose to respect the products by not adding a lot to it, maybe a bit of garlic, salt and quality oil to enhance the freshness of the product but that’s it”. 

He has 25 to 30 years long relationships with some local businesses that bring to him the best products, the best vegetables and the freshest fish sold at the port. These providers already know what he is looking for, so if the products don’t meet his standards, they won’t buy it. It is not about price it is about quality. 

He doesn’t work with large distributors, he only works with the people he knows and trusts – “They already know how I work and what I expect”, he replied. 

Conbrassa Restaurant Benidorm

Customer-centric gastronomy

Always attentive to customer needs in my quality of service. But how can you keep this level of quality all by yourself? 

“This is teamwork, I have trustworthy staff that help me every day so I don’t have to worry” He has built a small team outside the restaurant that makes his life easier, among them, an expert in restaurant stock management. 

At the restaurants, some of the top-level staff that have worked with him for years and they share the same vision. They know the level of quality that he expects in each one of his restaurants. To achieve this level of quality, he also has to develop internal mechanisms of quality controls. Ideally, he wants everything to work in an automatic way or with minimum supervision.

He remembers his early days with fondness at his first restaurant, El Barranco, the meat there was cooked with charcoal. “ Every morning I reminisce about how things were when I started when I had to do all, it keeps me grounded”. With ConBrassa, he is coming back to his roots – grilled meat, rice and seafood. 

But at this point we still were wondering, are you a businessman or a chef? To which he replied categorically – “I am a Cook before anything else, I prefer to be in the kitchen than in the restaurant. The public is becoming more and more knowledgeable about food so we must keep up with the demand which means working at a very high level”. 


Avda. Vicente Llorca Alos | Local 11, Benidorm, España

Phone: +34 965 86 60 36


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