CONBRASSA GROUP of restaurants, a success in Benidorm’s gastronomic history

The story of the ConBrassa Group is a remarkable one in the history of Benidorm’s gastronomy. Where there were not many restaurants considered haute cuisine, Licinio García Alcázar moved from Albacete to Benidorm to build this wonderful group of restaurants and gastro-bars, and now this excellent chef with over 30 years of experience manages six successful restaurants considered among the best experiences for quality cuisine, signature cocktails and much more in Benidorm.


Conbrassa gastronomy is a company born from experience, perseverance, and passion for a job well done, from a need to unite the group of these restaurants.



Working from the beginning with the best raw material on the market, “El Barranco” is the origin of the Conbrassa gastronomy philosophy. It was the first restaurant of the saga located in a privileged setting in the cove of Benidorm in 1989.


The success of El Barranco encouraged Licinio to expand the business with other restaurants. El Barranco was followed by Va Bene Cala, Va Bene Centro, Conbrassa, Urban beach, and Aruba.


Each of them has been planned with the utmost care and independently, with its own style, personality, and different locations, but always with one thing in common: to involve the client in an unforgettable experience.


The cuisine of Conbrassa gastronomy uses a market product elaborated in a natural way and always looking for the best raw material,  thanks to the support of suppliers with unbeatable quality.


The passion and involvement of the team that makes up the company is also key to the success of Conbrassa’s restaurants.
Conbrassa gastronomy restaurants are so well received, and it is also what keeps the enthusiasm for new projects
the enthusiasm to carry out new projects.


Keep reading on to get to know them all.








Located in one of the best beaches in Benidorm, in Poniente, on the beachfront, ConBrassa is a restaurant with vintage design and spectacular views overlooking the Poniente beach.

It is specialized in the care of grilled meats such as black Angus, wagyu or Galician beef; a fresh and well cared for the product such as Balfegó red tuna loin and grilled ventresca, shrimp, red shrimp, fish from the fish market… as this is always Licinio’s cuisine and his Conbrassa team.




Their excellent food can be accompanied by a good wine chosen from its extensive wine cellar with references from different denominations of origin.


















ConBrassa is definitely a place to share family, business, or pleasure meetings, listening to your favorite music, and tasting one of their signature cocktails in good company. It is just a perfect combination for all five senses to enjoy, ensuring your day’s success.



Contact Details

Address: Avda. Vicente Llorca Alos | Local 11,

Benidorm, España

Phone: +34 965 86 60 36










Since 1989, the kitchen of El Barranco has been selecting and working with the best raw materials available on the market, becoming a benchmark for traditional gastronomy in the city of Benidorm.



Its cuisine is Mediterranean, with local and quality products that you can taste in the menu focused on fresh starters from the garden, from the sea, seafood, meats, traditional rice dishes, and homemade desserts prepared daily with exquisite dedication.


At El Barranco, each dish is synonymous with quality and tradition. Its extensive wine cellar for grape lovers is committed to offering a wide range of quality red and white wines, cavas, and champagnes. It’s full of great classics but also gradually making room for new trends as dictated by the tastes and preferences of the market and their customers.





They have a private dining room that is the perfect place to hold meetings and small events in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

At El Barranco, you will enjoy the best quality in an unbeatable setting.



Contact Details

Address: Calle Vicente Llorca Alós | 14,

Benidorm, España

Phone: +34 966 80 47 77

Facebook: El Barranco







Enjoy the authentic Italian experience in Benidorm, with the best Mediterranean products. Va Bene Centro is an excellent pizzeria trattoria located in a cozy place with an outdoor terrace in the center of Benidorm. It is a perfect location to spend an ideal evening in the city center.






Va Bene Centro is based on Italian cuisine but with Va Bene’s personal stamp with a modern touch and always prepared with the best raw materials and quality products: fresh salads, hot and cold starters, crispy pizzas, fresh and stuffed pasta, meats such as duck confit, magret… or fresh fish from the fish market.




Special mention should be made of their risotto and rice dishes, a traditional rice dish with an Italian influence, a good option for lunch.



It is also important to note that Va Bene Centro has pasta suitable for celiac sufferers and low-fat pasta for easier digestion. The wine list is varied and matches perfectly with the food and personal preferences.































Its desserts are made daily with the best ingredients and make them the best option to a sweet end. Enjoy Va Bene with the best food the best company and its hidden terrace in the heart of Benidorm.




Contact Details

Address: Avda. Bilbao | 3,

Benidorm, España

Phone: +34 965 85 69 12

Facebook: Va Bene










On the beachfront, Va Bene Cala is the perfect place to enjoy good food with the best views in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

Italian and Mediterranean cuisine prepared with top-quality products within everyone’s reach.

The natural ingredients they cook with are perfect to whet your appetite: fresh pasta, stuffed pasta, hot and cold starters, fluffy pizzas, and meats…

They have gluten-free pasta and low-fat spelled for easy digestion.






































Finally, their homemade desserts are a real delight in every bite.

Va bene Cala is simply a traditional pizzeria on a traditional top beach.








Contact Details

Address: Avenida Vicente Llorca Alós| 13,

Benidorm, España

Phone: +34 965 85 69 12

Facebook: Va Bene










Urban Beach is a different gastro bar concept, your new #nonstop meeting point.

It is open every day of the week from early in the morning until late in the evening to offer you

a continuous kitchen service: a breakfast, a brunch, a lunch, a snack, a dinner, or a cocktail with good music in front of the Mediterranean Sea.







Here you can taste the best raw material of the market, with a menu that is prepared in a natural and simple way that lends itself to informal snacking or to enjoy it while seeing the amazing views of the Levante beach.


Its wine-cellar brings together a variety of national and international wines designed to meet the gourmet’s demands.


At Urban, they have a circular bar with over a hundred different distillates where their expert team of bartenders creates signature and classic Urban style cocktails. They dehydrate fruit, make their own syrups, experiment with different textures, ingredients, flavors… creating cocktails, aperitifs, or mid-afternoon drinks… interesting and creative proposals to drink at any time of the day.





It is a perfect meeting point to disconnect after a day’s work or to enjoy their amazing “tardeos”

at weekends with their DJ and their top gin of the month. A new way of going out and having fun in the incomparable setting of the seafront.




Urban is the place to celebrate any special event.

Enjoy the gastro bar in any of its spaces decorated in urban style. Enjoy a different experience.

Enjoy your Urban experience.




Contact Details

Address: Avenida. de Alcoy, 7

Benidorm, España

Phone: +966 81 15 05

Facebook: Urban Beach







Aruba is that fresh, cool, and warm space with the Mediterranean feel inspired by the island of Aruba for being one of the world’s favorite destinations to disconnect from the routine.

It is a place to eat well every day, anytime in the day. Their #nonstop food service as well as the assorted menu with a very attractive authentic Mediterranean food, make this restaurant a uniquely happy environment.




Whether you are a morning person or a late riser, you will find your place where enjoy breakfasts, brunches, lunches, snacks, or cocktails.

Their kitchen is open from 8.30 in the morning to 00:00 at night.

You can stay until 1.30 a.m. if you feel like enjoying their signature cocktails. Their attractive cocktail bar has a wide range of fancy cocktails for all tastes.

































Have you heard about Tiki Cocktails? Well, they are iconic cocktails like the Mai Tai, Scorpion, and Zombie that were born in American tiki bars in the mid-20th century, and Aruba knows perfectly how to combine the ingredients that characterize these famous cocktails. Trying it is just a must.





Do you want to go for more natural ingredients? That’s not a problem in Aruba since they’re specialized in Zero Kilometer cocktails. They won’t leave you indifferent.

For those wine lovers, Aruba also offers a selection of wines. So as you see, nothing is missing in this great bar where you will live unforgettable moments with your people in one of the coolest environments in town.

You will feel at ease at any time of the day. Bombini to Aruba!



Contact Details

Address: Avenida Vicente Llorca Alós

Benidorm, España

Phone: +965 46 13 14

Facebook: Aruba Gastro Lounge






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