Cold and rains: More winter weather for this week

Winter seems to have definitely settled in the Iberian Peninsula. During this week a new low-pressure area will visit us, which will bring us more rainfall and cold. We tell you all the details in our weekly forecast.


This week has started again with new rainfall and cold air, especially in the north and in some areas of the southeast of the peninsula. These rains will be gradually withdrawing throughout the day, but on Tuesday another front will arrive from the northwest, which will join a new low-pressure area on Wednesday that will leave rainfall even in the north of the Canary Islands, the Islands Balearic Islands and in the Mediterranean area, although less on the Costa Blanca. Do not forget to take your umbrella with you to protect you against this cold and rains!


It will also continue to snow in several areas of the country, hovering around 1,000 meters in the northern peninsula. Everything seems to indicate that the winter weather of last weeks is going to stay with us for a while.


Cold and rains. Will it rain this week?


Of course, temperatures will be cold with gusts of freezing wind. As a consequence, the atmosphere will be cool, with the maximum temperatures between 9 and 17ºC throughout the peninsula. Temperatures will be even lower in León, although the Costa Blanca will suffer less from this drop in temperatures. In addition, the weather during the second half of November is expected to be colder than usual. You’ll need to wrap up warm, cold and rains are here to stay!


What is the ideal temperature for heating?

With this cold weather a good heating system is essential in most Spanish homes. However, it is important to resist the temptation to set the heating temperature too high. The comfort temperature ranges between 19 and 21ºC. On the other hand, the recommended sleeping temperature should be between 15 and 17ºC. If the temperature exceeds 23ºC the air will be dry, and we must also have in mind that an abuse of heating is very polluting and harmful to the environment.

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