Club Nautico Moraira: Gourmet Race VII

On October 6th prepare yourself for a unique adventure when the Moraira-Teulada Gourmet Race returns for its VII edition.


Going under the slogan of “Cooking While Sailing” this one of a kind event brings together those skilled in the fields of gastronomy and navigation to battle it out and take home the title of rulers of the seas and the kitchen.


As stated by event organisers:


The crew of each boat, in addition to touring the bay for two hours, will have to cook a plate with a common and basic ingredient for all participants that will be unveiled a week before the event”.


These dishes are then judged by a jury full of experts to determine the winner. This year’s Judges are:


Rafa Soler  from Audrey’s Restaurant, Calpe. Michelin star,  Alberto Ferruz ,  Bonamb Jávea. Two Michelin Stars, M. José San Roman . Monastrell, Alicante. Michelin star, Jose Manuel Miguel , Beat, Calpe, Bárbara Amorós , Top Chef, Silvia Castelló , Gastronou Group. Alicante



This incarnation of the Gourmet Race holds extra importance as it pays honour to former chairman and holder of the most Michelin stars in the world Joel Robuchon who sadly passed away on August 6th of this year. As a tribute to his legendary work in the culinary field, a testament to his character and his commitment to previous instalments of the race, this year is set to be something special.


As one of the unique perks this year Hostelbe will be setting up a complete kitchen for a show cooking demonstrating the flagship product of the VII edition of the regatta.  


With the beautiful coastline of Moraira providing the backdrop to spectacular dishes created in an original and entertaining way, the VII edition of the Gourmet Race is a must for anyone looking for something a bit different but completely unforgettable.  



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