Clive Webster of Webster Asesores: The Valenciano-speaking guiri with a head for numbers!

Webster Asesores is a tax consultancy and legal firm, established in Javea since 1993. It’s founder, Clive Webster, moved to Spain with his parents as a five-year-old back in 1966. He’s a Spanish national, and feels like a tourist when he visits the UK, yet in some quarters, he’s still called a ‘guiri,’ affectionately. The term is usually used about people who are obviously not Spanish, and it can still apply for several generations, as Clive and his brother found out!


The family may have been in Spain for more than 50 years, but when Clive and his brother were chatting away in Valenciano – which is their first language – an amused onlooker said:


I’ve seen it all now – two guiris speaking Valenciano!


Clive certainly has an advantage over many of the firms who cater to the legal and financial requirements of British expats, because he’s lived with Spanish bureaucracy all his life, although he finds it just as frustrating to deal with on occasions as the rest of us. He’s a tax consultant with extensive training and experience in the field, but he can’t understand why everything has to be so difficult. He explained:


As soon as you think you’ve learned everything about the Spanish tax system, they change something, and you have to start again. That’s why I feel lawyers don’t make good tax advisers. They haven’t got the knowledge of taxation and the specialised training to navigate the system. Complying with the paperwork requirements is challenging at the best of times. The phrase I hear most from officials is “Falta un papel,” which translates as “There’s a piece of paper missing!”

Webster Asesores

Clive has had to miss a morning’s work to chase down one piece of paper for a client on more than one occasion, but he’s sanguine about the whole thing, because he knows he’s helped someone through a situation they may find intimidating. It’s all part of the personal service that Webster Asesores are so well known for.


The company deals with property conveyancing, all aspects of taxation and inheritance, and also family matters such as divorce and separation. They also have in-house lawyers who are able to deal with any matters of contention which could end up in court. Added to their fiscal representation and accounting services, and the ability to set up companies and draw up agreements for mortgages and rental agreements, Webster Asesores can cover pretty much any situation you may need help or advice with, in an efficient, friendly and speedy manner.


There are always people who will say ‘You don’t need a professional, you can do it yourself a lot cheaper,’ but there are pitfalls with this, and Clive has this to say about the so-called ‘Bar Stool Experts:’


You can do it all yourself, and you have every right to do so. However, you can actually save time, money and stress by appointing an assessor to help with legal and financial matters in Spain. If it’s a case of “Falta un papel,” it’s a morning wasted, and you may have to take time off work more than once, losing  money and potentially upsetting your boss. And if you don’t get it right, you could be faced with financial penalties such as interest and late payment fees, or even fines. We can take that stress away, and ensure that the relevant paperwork is in place.


Webster Asesores


Clive knows all about frustration with the bureaucrats. When his parents first came to Spain, everything was centralised in Alicante, and before the days of motorways, it was a four hour round trip. And the journey often had to be repeated because – you guessed it – “Falta un papel!” His business philosophy is centred around making things as straightforward as possible for clients, and offering a personal service, tailored to each person’s needs.


Contact Webster Asesores to find out if they can help with your taxation, legal and financial requirements. Let the experts take the strain, while you enjoy your life in Spain.


Contact details:


Webster Asesores



Webster Asesores S.L.
Edificio Velas Blancas – Calle Salvador Salvá
03730 – Javea

Telephone: 902 887 900




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