Clinica Miramar introduces MaiLi injectable for natural-looking rejuvenation

Clínica Miramar, a renowned provider of aesthetic treatments, is proud to provide their patients with the top filler range on the market: MaiLi.

Dr MaGa Priori, the Medical Director of  Clínica Miramar, explains: “Clínica Miramar is a space that transports you to an oasis in your routine where you immediately feel warmth in the attention, a sensation of wellbeing imparted by highly qualified professionals who base their treatments on the highest quality materials and a wide range of machinery. Your experience of our hands will make you feel deeply satisfied’. Here, Dr MaGa Priori, introduces MaiLi, an innovative solution offering advanced techniques to achieve natural-looking results and long-lasting rejuvenation in all safety.

MaiLi: Redefining the Standards of HA Fillers

MaiLi is a hyaluronic acid (HA) face-injectable filler that stands out from its competitors. Crafted in Switzerland, MaiLi uses the Smart Spring Science – the utilisation of long chains of HA to create an elastic and supple gel with unmatched responsiveness to the stress of facial movements occurring on the skin when talking or smiling. This unique formulation results in a filler that is naturally ‘bouncier’ and smooth while delivering optimised and long-lasting projection.

What sets MaiLi apart further is its groundbreaking cross-linking technology called OxiFree™, making it the world’s first HA filler of its kind. This innovative technology guarantees exceptional purity and minimises oxidative byproducts by liberating the oxygen of the formula while enhancing the product’s quality and stability. Dr MaGa Priori comments: ‘Our hyaluronic acid is packaged in an oxygen-free environment, compressing the product in such a way that less cross-linking agent is required, which means less aesthetic footprint and more saftey’.

Aftercare Recommendations for MaiLi

To ensure optimal results, it is crucial to follow the recommended aftercare instructions provided by Dr MaGa Priori. Immediately after receiving MaiLi treatments, it is advisable to avoid any dermal irritation, including the application of makeup and topical products, for 24 hours. Additionally, alcohol consumption should be avoided for 48 hours, along with excessive heat exposure, extreme cold (-0°C), UV rays, and dermal manipulation (e.g., microdermabrasion, facial rollers, massage) for 2-3 weeks. Applying a cold compress or covered ice pack to the treatment site at intervals can help minimise post-treatment swelling.

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