Clinica La Ermita: Dr. Frederic Hesters’ Excellence in Healthcare

Dr. Frederic Hesters is a renowned family doctor, who provides exceptional medical care and providing true dedication to his patients. He continues his journey of medical excellence through his clinic: Clínica La Ermita.

Originally from Zulte, Belgium, Dr. Frederic Hesters began his medical and political career in his hometown. After completing his medical studies, he returned to Spain in 2021, where he had previously undertaken internships at the renowned Hospital Universitario Valle de Hebrón in Barcelona in 2001.

As a family doctor, Dr. Hesters is responsible for addressing a wide range of undifferentiated issues and coordinating and referring patients within the healthcare system. What sets him apart is his patient-centered approach. Dr. Hesters prioritizes effective communication with his patients, ensuring good continuity of care.

Dr. Hesters employs specific problem-solving strategies to provide the best possible medical care. By carefully noting initial symptoms and issues, he utilizes tools such as medical history taking, physical examinations, and, when necessary, additional technical examinations. This comprehensive approach enables him to obtain a holistic view of each patient’s condition.

Known for his integrative approach, Dr. Hesters often addresses multiple issues simultaneously and across various domains of the healthcare industry, including preventive, curative, and palliative aspects. 

Dr. Hesters now leads Clinica La Ermita, a prominent medical facility that offers a wide range of excellent, specialized services. Situated in a tranquil and welcoming environment, the clinic provides comprehensive healthcare solutions under one roof, ensuring all your health needs are met.


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Contact details

Ctra. Jesús Pobre 156, 03737 Javea (Alicante)

Phone: 96 646 2112

Emergency nr.: 619 117 533


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