Clinica Britannia: plastic surgery with no waiting list

Located in Calpe, north of Alicante, Clinica Britannia specializes in cosmetic surgery without the unwanted waiting lists.


Clinica Britannia employ the best surgical and anaesthetists team both supervised by the medical consultant. All surgeries take place in the main hospitals of Alicante and the recovery can be conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the Costa Blanca delights. The hospital stay is usually brief and comfortable and it is managed by the Clinica.


Some of the surgical treatments offered by Clinica Britannia are liposuction, stomach reduction, varicose veins, breast augmentation or reduction operation and gynecomastia.


The Clinica also specializes in xanthelasmas removal, benign tumours that have grown around eyelids or in different skin surfaces. These yellowish deposits of fat are not particularly harmful or painful but they are unsightly and it is recommended to remove them.


Other services offered are general practice medicine, dentists, and nurses, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, urologists, cardiologists and medical psychiatrics also.


For those British residents in the area, Clinica Britannia is the most reliable option.  For more information visit the website:


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