A Cielo Abierto: Making your garden a masterpiece

After 15 years of experience, A Cielo Abierto knows just how to help you create your long-lasting stylish and modern garden.


Garden furniture is not usually something that is replaced every year, so gaining knowledge in exterior design can take a lot of work, but that’s where A Cielo Abierto can help.


The company offer advice to clients professionally about matters such as material, design and maintenance.


They say: “We can say with confidence that we know how to experience the outdoors here on the Costa as luxurious and as pleasant as possible. We ensure that each year we’re present the latest fashions and trends.”


The company ensure that all of their products are “weatherproof.” The materials used are aluminium, steel, wood or synthetic fibre and available in different qualities, depending on the budget available.


Their service is personal and friendly, as well as professional. They can advise you on even the smaller details, such as; is an umbrella is suitable for you (due to its size/weight), and how to make the most of your patio.


Delivery is available around Spain, and is free in the zone from Valencia – Alicante (form purchases over 800 euros).


The company produce elegant-looking pieces for you garden, as well as well-made practical furniture for everyday use. Here are UK Spain Life’s top 5 products from A Cielo Abierto:







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