Chili Gourmet Catering: Your Top Catering Service on Costa Del Sol 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or a gathering just for fun, you can rely on Chili Gourmet catering service to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of your event. 


Chili Gourmet on Costa del Sol offers a professional gourmet catering service that adapts to all types of parties, celebrations, and events on the Costa del Sol. For the team, it’s of utmost importance that every individual client feels that they’re being well looked after in every way so that they can relax on the day of the event and let Chili Gourmet do the rest.  At the heart of Chili Gourmet Catering, you find chef Helle Barlebo. Originally from Denmark, Helle opened the first of one of her eight restaurants there in 1991 and has always had a profound passion for treating her customers to delicious, hearty food. 


Helle Barlebo 

Based in Mijas Costa, Malaga, Chili Gourmet Catering was founded in 2010 and got off on excellent footing. The passion that Helle has for the culinary arts is felt amongst her team members, which has brought about a fantastic camaraderie and high spirit that makes each and every event a success. 

She also shares some of her delicious recipes, in food columns in the leading Scandinavian magazines on Costa del Sol, in Marbella Home & Lifestyle Magazine, as well as on the website of Chili Gourmet Catering.


Fast forward to today, and Helle’s dream project has turned into a highly successful business venture that caters to parties & events all over Costa del Sol. As Helle is inspired by other cultures from all over the world, she is constantly looking for new ways to spruce up her menus and is always on the lookout for new inspiration. On her worldly travels, she has gotten lots of ideas to integrate in her recipes, making each event unique. 

Chili Gourmet Catering goes above and beyond to make your day special. They are helpful to provide all the details you may need, such as decorations, equipment, and entertainment. 

 Chili Gourmet offers a great variation of different styles & ideas of gourmet menus, that can be selected and tailor made depending on the needs, occasion & special wishes of each client. 


Chili Gourmet Suggestions

Gourmet Canapés & Gourmet Dinners

Spanish Gourmet Tapas

Paella Show Cooking

Traditional Danish Lunch & Dinner

Danish Open Sandwich, Smørrebrød

BBQ, Salads & Healthy Food

Italian, Mexican & Tex-Mex

Sushi, Exotic, Asian & Thai Delicacies

Breakfast & Brunch Take Away

Desserts, Cakes & Chocolate Fontaine

Extra Goodies Delicacies & Ecological Gift-Baskets

Vegan, Vegetarian & Allergy Food

Christmas & Easter Lunch & Dinner

New Year & X-mas Special Luxury Take Away Menus

Wedding, Party & Events – Total Solutions

Company Lunches, Open Houses, Concerts & Special Event

Receptions, Teambuilding & Meetings Solutions

Golf & Sport Lunchbox Delivery

Cocktail Bar, Beer Bar & Champagne Bar

Rental of all kinds of needed Equipment, Tables, Chairs, Table settings etc.

Decorations, DJ, Flamenco Show, Jamon Cutter & Vino Fino

Chefs, Bartenders, Waiters & Dishwashers

Mouthwatering Gourmet Menus 

Here are a few ideas from their menu selections:






Gourmet Menu

Ximénez marinated Salmon

Delicious & tasty freshly smoked Salmon marinated in Pedro Ximénez

served on a homemade Bellini Pancake with Mascarpone Lime Cream,

fresh Chives, Dill, chopped Red Onions & topped with Caviar


Barded Breast of Cockerel

Organic Corn Cockerel wrapped in crispy Iberico Ham

stuffed with homemade Pesto of Sun-dried Tomatoes & toasted Almonds,

a tasty Poultry Sauce with a twist of Parmesan, served with

baked Spring Onions, Raff Cherry Tomatoes, a delicious whole baked Garlic

& Chili’s favorite Potato topped with Cheese, mild Chili & Parsley 

followed by our famous home baked

Gourmet Maldon Bread & cold Butter


Mandarin Panacotta

Creamy and delicious light dessert, made on fresh organic

Mandarins topped with White Chocolate flakes, fresh Mint,

Anis Dulce Marinated Mandarins & Caramel Twill






Lux Gourmet Menu

 Red Tuna Tataki

Fine slices of lightly roasted & freshly caught Red Tuna from Barbatte in Cadiz,

tossed in roasted Nigella & Sesame Seeds, served with

Seaweed Salad, Mini Peppers, Teriyaki Sauce, Wasabi-Mayo & Lime


Organic Luxury Bellota Iberico

Exquisite tender, free-range dark and flavorful Spanish Presa Blackfoot Pork

Pre-grilled & ready for the oven, topped with Maldon Salt & 5 Peppers,

accompanied by a delicious Malaga Dulce Sauce, crispy Manchego Twill & fresh Thyme,

served with

Butter-baked fresh Asparagus & Carrots, Delicious oven-baked

Dutch Niff Mini Potatoes topped with Maldon Salt & Sesame Seeds


followed by our famous home baked

Gourmet Maldon Bread & cold Butter


Chocolate Dreams

A delicious fusion of homemade Chocolate Mousses made of Belgium White

& Dark Chocolate. Chocolate Cake soaked in Baileys in the bottom,

topped with fresh Forest Fruits & Mint


Tasting Menu

 Gambas Sweet & Sour

Mini skewers with Chili Marinated Big Prawns topped with Lime,

roasted Sesame Seeds & fresh Coriander on a bed of Chili Threads


Baked Pastry Lime Salmon

Crunchy Salmon bag of Filo-pastry, filled with fresh Norwegian Salmon,

roasted Leek, Ginger & fresh mild Chili from our own herb garden,

served on Baby Lettuce, Lime, Mini Peppers & fresh Herbs


Soft Roasted Berberi Duck

Fine slices of Berberi Duck, pre-grilled and ready for the oven accompanied by

a creamy Orange sweet and sour White Wine & Chili Sauce, served with

Mandarin slices, baked Spring Onions, mini-Carrots

& Delicious Hasselback Sweet Potato, topped with mild Chilis,

fresh Herbs & Maldon Salt


A plate of delicious Cheese

A selection of 3 delicate Cheeses from Spain

served with tasty Honey-Vanilla marinated Walnuts,

small Olives, Grapes & two kinds of crispy Biscuits 

followed by our famous home baked

Gourmet Maldon Bread & cold Butter


Almond Cakes

Homemade small traditional Danish “Kransekager”

made of Spanish Almonds, dipped in

Dark Chocolate & topped with Frosting


Cold Lemon Soufflé

A fresh homemade portioned favorite delicacy from Denmark

with Cointreau Marinated Forest Fruits in the bottom,

topped with Dark Chocolate, Pomegranate & Mint




Gourmet Brunch

 Salmon Roulade Bites

Filled with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese,

Baby Lettuce & fresh Herbs


Farmer Bread

With Spanish Blackfoot Bellota Ham on Bread with Tomato, Garlic & Olive Oil


Manchego Cheese

3 delicious selected Spanish Cheeses,

in great company with Peppers & Olives


Selection of Spanish Sausages

Salchichón, Chorizo & Pica Toasts


Soft boiled Farm Eggs

Served with Maldon Sea flake Salt


Spanish Melon & Jamón Ibérico

Juicy Melon cut in slices & wrapped in

Spanish Iberico Ham


Gourmet Marmalade

Two variations of homemade ecological Marmalades


Fresh Baked Carrot-Cornbread

Newly baked & served with cold Butter


Fresh Orange Juice






Hangover Brunch

 Drained Greek Yogurt

With crispy Honey roosted Nuts & Cereals, topped with Forest Fruits & Mint


Mini Slider Burger

Mini Burger Bun filled with crispy Bacon & creamy Brie, Dijon-Mayo & Rocket Leafs


Scrambled Eggs & Bacon

Free range ecological Eggs & Crunchy Bacon


Chili Baked Beans

Served traditionally with Oregano, mini Tomatoes & fresh Chilis


Breakfast Sausages

Delicious butter fried mini Breakfast Sausages


Homemade Pancakes

Topped with Almond Croquant & Maple Syrup


Grapefruit & Honey

Juicy Grapefruit topped with ecological Honey, ready for the oven


Gourmet Marmalade

Two variations of homemade ecological Marmalades


Fresh baked Bread with 3 Seeds

Newly baked & served with cold Butter


Fresh Orange Juice






Champagne Brunch 

Drained Greek Yogurt

With crispy Honey roosted Nuts & Cereals

with fresh cut Mango, Pear & Mint


Bilinis & Smoked Salmon

Mini Bilinis with Norwegian Salmon, Cream Cheese,

Red Onions, Black Caviar & Fresh Dill


Gambas Sweet & Sour

Mini skewers with Chili Marinated Big Prawns topped with Lime,

roasted Sesame Seeds & fresh Coriander


Goat Cheese with Walnuts

Delicious Goat Cheese topped with Vanilla-Honey marinated Walnuts

served on toasted slices of Baguettes


Gourmet Croissant

Filled with Scrambled Eggs & crispy Ibérico Ham on a bed of mini Lettuce & Tomatoes


Almond Cakes

Homemade small traditional Danish “Kransekager” made of Spanish Almonds,

Dark Chocolate bottom & topped with Frosting


Strawberries from Huelva

in good company with fresh Mint & Maple Syrup


Gourmet Marmalade

Two variations of homemade ecological Marmalades


Breakfast Sunflower Seed Buns

Newly baked & served with cold Butter


Fresh Orange Juice


It’s worth noting that many benefits are included in the price of the tasting menus. Chili Gourmet provides a free delivery service within 3 km. of Mijas Golf, with each delivery consisting of one of the three Gourmet menus plus one of the brunch menus. The team needs to be informed in advance of any allergy or dietary requirements, and orders are taken no later than three days prior to delivery. 



Phone: +34 666 62 71 05   




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