Chef Eva from El Restaurante del Swiss reveals her secret ingredient: LOVE.

We had the pleasure to chat with Chef Eva from El Restaurante del Swiss to aks her about what inspires her and what is her cooking philosphy behind the dishes lovingly crafted at Swiss Hotel Moraira.

El Restaurante del Swiss
Early years

Eva, from El Restaurante del Swiss, comes from a traditional family in Jávea, with grandma’s dishes using the fresh products from the area.

Her career started early on when a family member, owner of a restaurant, offered her a summer job to get some cash. First just doing the washing and as kitchen porter then little by little going up in the ranks by her own merits. Years later, in Valencia, she got her gallons learning from Chef Jordi Morera.


Surrounded by so many talent cooking professionals, it was only natural that she ended up following this professional path. “Myself becoming a chef comes precisely from my origins: for the love of good food and the desire to transmit these culinary pleasures to others”  and then she added, “I was always motivated to continue learning about the wonderful world of gastronomy and to grow with the new influences of the great masters of culinary art”. 


She enjoys working with products that are close to her, totally Mediterranean, that´s where she feels physically and metaphorically at home. She respects the products to get the best out of them or as some call it, modern traditional.  “I like things to look great and delicious but always coming from a tradition”. This is in the heart of everything that she does. Modernization and development come from curiosity but also from the respect for those that came before her.


That´s why even now, she keeps asking grandmother, aunties and even neighbours how to do certain things to incorporate this traditional knowledge to her menus. She also meets often with other professional chefs and friends that inspire her. 


When asked if she would have chosen the same career knowing what she knows now, she said ” Yes, without a doubt. Despite the sacrifices and effort, I wouldn’t change it for the world. My dream was always this and to keep improving.”

El Restaurante del Swiss

What does she likes the most about her job?

Finish each shift knowing that, I´ve done a 5-star work and that people have enjoyed it. This is the inspiration that helps me grow every day.

About her cooking Philosophy

It is to get the best flavour out of the product, hoping that it will be a pleasure for those who enjoy it and delivers the most satisfying sensation.

To be a woman chef

Because she started so young, she was 16 when, so she was a bit of chef´s pet, but she added “I have never considered that being a woman influences my work in one way or another. Being a chef has nothing to do with gender. What is important is the passion and dedication to your profession. I am very proud of having a voice in this sector and grateful to be in such a good company with top people”.

El Restaurante del Swiss
A piece of advice for aspiring chefs

Her advice for those who start is to keep working hard, learning and loving this trade, and never give up. There will be hard moments, it will require a lot of effort, but whatever you do, it has to come from the heart.  Do a good job, and the rest will follow. 


And finally, what can customers of El Swiss expect when eating there?

“All the love we offer to our clients so they feel welcome. We do everything from scratch using only the best products, made with love and never rushed. That is the modern Mediterranean cuisine you will find at El Restaurante del Swiss”.


One thing we know is that, when the lockdown is over this is the first restaurant we will visit without a doubt. 

Book your table soon as you are able to when this lockdown finishes.

Swiss Hotel Moraira

Calle Haya, 175, Moraira – 03724 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 965 747 104





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