Charlesworth Gardens: Creating the perfect Spanish garden for you

Charlesworth Gardens has been designing and creating beautiful gardens for more than 25 years now. After 7 months of movement restriction due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we’re all spending more time at home and in the garden than we have in a long time, and maybe you’re thinking about changes to your indoor and outdoor living space. If so, Spain Life Exclusive can recommend Charlesworth Gardens for everything you need to transform your garden. It’s not just about the planting – although clearly that’s at the heart of any garden – it’s about creating the perfect outdoor space for your personality and lifestyle.




A garden isn’t just outdoor space – it’s an extension of your personal living space. You wouldn’t just throw random furniture into your living room and hope for the best. You’d plan carefully to achieve the environment you want to spend your time in, and the same goes for your garden. Garden planning isn’t about formal flower beds and manicured lawns, it goes much deeper. The right arrangement of flowers and shrubs, sun and shade, grass, patio and decking, brought together in harmony with your natural surroundings, creates a perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation for the senses. The experienced and enthusiastic team from Charlesworth Gardens will work with you to bring your dream garden to life, so that you get much more from it than nice smells and lovely views.




Your garden needs your input to keep it looking at its best, but remember it’s there to be enjoyed, and to enhance your life. Work with your garden designer to plan a layout that is low maintenance and fits in with your lifestyle. You can’t get the most from your garden if you have to spend a lot of your free time tending to it. Consider this right at the planning stages, because your garden should be a haven for your soul, not a burden to your spirit. Go for beautiful succulents and trees that pretty much look after themselves, and remember it’s important to have a reliable irrigation system in hot countries such as Spain.


Charlewworth Gardens



Make sure proper provision is made for the human occupants of the garden, not just the trees, shrubs and flowers. Create pleasant places to relax with a good book, or simply be in the present moment, connecting with Nature at its most powerful. Spending time outdoors is very therapeutic, especially when you are stressed. The sights and sounds of Nature stimulate the senses and take your mind away from the day to day concerns we all have to face. Make sure there’s a good sun/shade balance in your outdoor space, and invest in comfortable outdoor furniture. Sculptures, fountains and other garden ornaments can add to the overall effect and draw your mind to tranquility, so consider them as part of your plan for your perfect garden.


Ease of planning and maintenance:


Charlesworth Gardens are not just specialists in garden design and creation. They are familiar with all the aspects that make up the ideal garden for you, and they can construct or source all the elements of your outdoor space. Why not contact them today and let them help you create your perfect Spanish garden?


Contact details:


Charlewworth Gardens



03720 Benissa, Alicante, Spain

Telephone:  696 283 704




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