CCEO Dental Clinic; Ring in the New Year with a better, whiter, brilliant smile.

New year, new opportunities to improve your appearance and take care of yourself. One of them is to keep good dental health.

From Spain Life, we encourage you to smile more, and better. Why not take advantage of the beginning of the year to renew your smile?


CCEO Dental Clinic will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution so that it will not fall behind like many others. We all like to smile and show healthy and beautiful teeth and gums. However, in addition to daily dental hygiene, it is also important to visit our dentist regularly. CCEO Dental Clinic recommends a professional dental cleaning every six months or at least once a year to help us maintain good dental health.



What other treatments CCEO Dental Clinic offers to renew our smile?





For best results, the Clinic recommends its ¨global clinic-home whitening. First, the dentist will place material as a barrier to your gums to protect them from the whitening gel. Then he will place a whitening gel that is activated by applying a LED light several times. You will need a tailor-made bucket to continue with the whitening at home.

In this device, you will place a bleaching gel and we will give you the instructions to follow at home as well as all the necessary follow-up appointments to achieve the desired results.






As we mentioned in our last article, CCEO Dental Clinic in Alicante is officially accredited to implement Lumineers® veneers, a cutting-edge technology that creates ultra-thin veneers that give you a natural-looking smile for the treatment of discolored or unusually shaped teeth.



Aesthetic Orthodontics




The beginning of the new year is the ideal time to start treatments such as orthodontics. In just a few months, we will go from a badly aligned, crooked smile, with bite problems… to a perfect and functional smile.

Nowadays, it is possible to straighten teeth while maintaining beauty during treatment: Porcelain braces, Invisible Orthodontics, Orthodontics.


At CCEO Dental Clinic, they provide various treatments to restore your smile: cut the contour, redesign your smile…

If you want to get healthier and more beautiful teeth and gums, please feel free to contact their professionals.


With the treatment that best suits you, you can now achieve one of the most universal purposes: a new year, a new smile.


Contact Details:

Av. Deportista Miriam Blasco, Nº 14 Loc. 2

Playa San Juan de Alicante 03540 (España)

Tlf: +34 966 378273  Mob:  +34 601 221603



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