CCEO Dental Clinic; are you in need of a dentist you can trust?

Many people have some kind of phobia about something they fear in life. For many people that fear is visiting the dentist. Usually, it’s a bad experience visiting the Dentist early on in life that puts people off returning, but there really is no need to feel scared anymore.


We highly recommend you CCEO Dental Clinic, a unique dental clinic in Playa San Juan Alicante. A new dental concept where the best people, technology, and experience come together to provide highly personalized care in a relaxed and friendly environment.


CCEO Dental Clinic puts you first by striving to make you feel more comfortable, taking into account your needs and fears. Not all dentists have the personality, time, or interest to work with people who are fearful.  You’ll want someone who is interested in you as a person, rather than just another set of teeth.


CCEO Dental Clinic is not only one of the best in their field, they give the care and attention to detail by having the necessary people skills. Their close and human team are empathetic and sympathetic to your concerns, providing every patient with an excellent personalized service.


Their dentists, each formed in their areas of dental specialization, provide solutions for all your dental needs.


Meet Javier Daguiar, one of Alicante´s best dentists.


The CCEO Dental Clinic is managed by Dr. Javier Daguiar, one of the best dental specialists in Alicante, with over 30 years of experience in multiple specialties (General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontics, Endodontics, and Implantology).


His experience, together with his human quality, has led him to make his clinic a different concept of a dental clinic, where a warm and friendly atmosphere prevails and the patient´s attention is absolutely personalized.


The medical team is highly qualified and has extensive dental experience.  Each member of the staff is trained and extremely knowledgeable in their area of dental specialization and can help you with your queries catering to patients of all ages. Punctuality and efficiency are chief among their values and key points.



Smile Design Experts








CCEO Dental Clinic in Alicante, is officially accredited to implement Lumineers® veneers,  a cutting-edge technology that creates ultra-thin veneers that give you a natural-looking smile for the treatment of discolored or unusually shaped teeth.  Lumineers ® veneers preserve the tooth´s structure with little to no tooth reduction.


Lumineers ® veneers are bonded to the front surface of your teeth in a simple and painless process that doesn´t need any injections, drilling, or temporary acrylic teeth. With Lumineers®, you can easily and effectively get a bright smile with literally no pain.


Lumineers® veneers are custom-made shells of Cerinate, an extraordinarily strong patented porcelain, thinner and more translucent than traditional porcelain veneers. Lumineers® maintain their shine and the integrity of your teeth for more than 20 years, and only if placed by an officially accredited dentist, offer a five-year warranty certificate.


Dr. Javier Daguiar is one of the best specialists in cosmetic dentistry. Through an advanced technique, Lumineers ® can be placed in just a few visits to the dental clinic without having to touch any sensitive teeth structure.



So no need to be embarrassed or suffer from those crowded chipped or stained teeth. Forget your fears and contact CCEO Dental Clinic. It is undoubtedly the best, fastest way to give you the white and bright smile you deserve.



Get that beautiful smile you have been always dreaming about.

Just contact them!



Contact Details:

Av. Deportista Miriam Blasco, Nº 14 Loc. 2

Playa San Juan de Alicante 03540 (España)

Tlf: +34 966 378273  Mob:  +34 601 221603

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