Caviar? …Just KaiserCaviar!


Caviar…What does the word caviar mean to you? If it means exquisite taste and quality then read on

Some of you think luxury, others think amazing tastes and others simply think fishes of delicacy …well if you like caviar and would welcome the taste here in Spain you are in luck as now it is available here in Spain from the company KaiserCaviar.

Meet them

KaiserCaviar stands for passion and quality at the very high levels is originally is coming from Poland and it is now available in Altea, Costa Blanca, Spain.


Kaiser caviar production


Thus, KaiserCaviar is registered as a caviar producer and they have all the necessary certifications, so you can have the purest product on your table.

Ecologic View

And because you may be concerned about the environment you also need to know that KaiserCaviar uses sustainable production methods. But this ensures the wellbeing of their sturgeons and to keeping them in a manner appropriate to their species.


caviar production

For every time

So, if you are looking for skyrocketing your special event or you just want to relax and enjoy your favourite flavour just by yourself…KaiserCaviar is the quality you need.


caviar cook

…and every taste

 With 5 different types to choose:

  • Caviar from the Siberian sturgeon with low salt content.
  • Clear and strong taste of Caviar from the sterlet sturgeon.
  • Caviar from the sterlet albino which is the most valuable varieties due to its white colour.
  • The very subtle and mild taste Caviar from the Siberian-Russian sturgeon.
  • Caviar from the beluga-sterlet sturgeon with silver-grey in black colour, your demanding palate will be fully satisfied.


caviar food


KaiserCaviar equipment

And do you want to be ahead of the game..? KaiserCaviar supplies you with the impressive and tasteful vodka or champagne that will highlight the extraordinary taste of your special delicacy and will impress all your friends…


vodka and caviar


Now you only need look for KAISERCAVIAR when you wish to find this excellent delicacy as now it is available in Spain!


Calle de mar 197, Altea, Costa Blanca

Phone: +34 686 590 007

Distribuitor España: Darius Porzuczek.

Kaiser Caviar logo






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