Casual, Fun & Fresh By Kanaiia

Kanaiia is here to change the dining experience in Calpe. They’re looking to put the fun back into dining with its modern creative menu full of urban food with the freshest local ingredients.

As you approach Kaniia you’re instantly drawn to its modern design that makes it stand out from many of the other restaurants in the area.



By day Kanaiia is like an art gallery with its sleek white walls and intriguing pieces that decorate the walls. By night its neon lighting would almost have you thinking it’s a nightclub. Whatever the time of day, Kanaiia is screaming modern in everything it does.



Art isn’t just part of the decor at Kanaiia. It´s a philosophy, a creative way of working that starts in the interior and goes all throughout the kitchen before being soaked up by kanaiia’s customers. With the freshest ingredients from the local area, Kanaiia created a menu that is not only casual, fun and delicious but also of the highest quality. Creativity at the centre of every dish, from creation to moment it enters through all five senses.  


The urban street food design covers everything from the sea to the earth with each dish looking like a work of art.


As a starter, you could choose from five different flavours of their homemade croquettes or get an assortment of each with a variety of dips. The perfect sharing dish for you and your companions.  



As a main, the street food classics are covered with their 100% Wagyu beef burger or chicken satay in keeping with their fun and casual menu as a whole.



For the more adventurous amongst you who don’t mind getting your fingers to finger licking states, Kanaiia’s range of on the bones ribs in five different styles offers a succulent and mouthwatering solution.



Seafood may be more your thing, so the fried calamari with aioli dip is sure to hit the spot or get a taste of Asian influence with their prawn wok with vegetables, ginger, coconut, curry and Japanese Udonian noodles.  


To finish the meal off in style, be sure to order one of their many homemade desserts.



Not forgetting if you’re dining with children, Kanaiia includes a kids menu with a choice of Bolognese pasta or 3 croquettes to taste with chips, ice cream and soda


Kanaiia is casual without compromising quality. A unique dining experience in Calpe, it’s a must for anyone looking to put the fun back into dining.


To check out their menu in full visit their website at, follow them on Twitter at or like them on Facebook at to see what creative dishes they come up with next.


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