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Casa Pepa is something really quite special. SpainLifeExclusive spoke to one of the partners, Lammert Hoeve, to find out more about his business philosophy, how they would like to run their restaurant and how they want to keep their customers satisfied. To really understand why Casa Pepa is very different to the average restaurant you need to hear from Lammert, it is enlightening to understand his passion for the industry and for this establishment in particular. 


Casa Pepa


A little history of Casa Pepa


This beautiful restaurant has a long, rich history, established by Pepa Romans. She created a restaurant from a family farmhouse and turned it into one of the best restaurants on the Costa Blanca. Casa Pepa was awarded a Michelin star in 2000, one of very few in the area. When Pepa passed away in 2016 the restaurant lost a little of its heart and soul so something needed to be done.


The BonAmb group, headed by Lammert, hesitated the offer but finally decided they shouldn’t resist the opportunity. This restaurant with a wonderful legacy and reputation was irresistible and so they became the new owners of Casa Pepa. The group decided to keep the long-established name of Casa Pepa as a memorial of sorts to the great lady herself. The restaurant has such a good reputation that Lammert feels it should always have the name, as he says “we wanted to have this institution of Pepa Romans maintained and continued forever”.


casa pepa


Like a Phoenix from the ashes


The restaurant closed in late 2019 for a complete refurbishment and has now reopened, like a phoenix from the ashes, completely transformed into the stunning establishment it is today. The perimeter has remained the same, maintaining the integrity of its history, but the inside has been completely reformed, creating a stylish, warm and contemporary space. There have been obvious difficulties this year, but the Casa Pepa team have worked together tirelessly to not only create the ambience that the restaurant is known for, but to keep their customers safe and happy at the same time. Lammert says that it hasn’t been too difficult to correctly apply the new rules to Casa Pepa, the terrace and the inside of the restaurant are beautifully spacious and can accommodate many people with safe social distancing. 

casa pepa


The wonderful BonAmb team


Lammert went on to tell us about the staff of Casa Pepa. The head chef is Aina Serra Pedrós, a young and upcoming chef who has worked at Restaurante BonAmb for 5 years now. He speaks very highly of Aina saying: “Though she is young, she is very experienced and has great passion and ambition, which is why we made her head chef. It’s lovely to see the energy and enthusiasm of the younger chefs, we would like to see that Aina is making her dreams come true”. 


Head waiter Constantinos Kotropoulos is a very well known face in the gastronomical region of Dénia and also worked for 2 years at BonAmb. He is on the front line when it comes to customers. Lammert says that Constantinos, alongside the rest of the team,  is creating a great atmosphere and working hard to keep the customers happy, between them all they have created a positive environment.



The passion and enthusiasm of Lammert Hoeve and his team comes through clearly as you listen to him speak about Casa Pepa. He wants all of his customers, new and old, to know that Casa Pepa is here to stay, although it has new bones, the history and integrity of this magical place still remain, and always will, in memory of Pepa Romans. If you haven’t yet partaken in the delights of Casa Pepa then take a look at their website to tempt your taste buds. To make a reservation you can call +34 965 766606 or use the contact form on the site.

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