Casa Mu Living; Where to Find the Unique and Exclusive Beni Ourain Rugs

A month ago, we introduced you to the furniture and decoration shop with more personality and style than we had come across lately. Well, we are talking about Casa Mu Living and today we will show you their wonderful collection of popular Moroccan Beni Ourain and Berber rugs; the most desirable rugs that have already conquered interior designers around the world. We are not surprised about it and we will tell you why in this article but first let us give you a brief introduction to the distinctive style of Casa Mu Living. Keep reading.


The style of Casa Mu Living

Casa Mu Living has a very personal and unique style and is influenced by everything the owners have been inspired by on their travels in exotic Indonesia or mysterious Morocco.

Here you will find that source of inspiration to provide you with the seal of the identity of your home, to make it authentic and thus differentiate it from others. Because even our most personal preferences are influenced by everything we have seen above. However, there are always sources of inspiration to stay true to ourselves and in Casa Mu Living we are sure you definitely will find them.


Handmade features, linen cushions and sofas in the purest minimalist style, bamboo decorative pieces… all the elements of decoration to make your home a unique space, cozy and full of authenticity.


The unique Moroccan rugs

For the for the inhabitants of the west, rugs may be a decorative element but for the Moroccans it’s clearly a vital element. A Moroccan family might not have sofas or furniture, but they never lack an outsized rug and thereon, a coffee round table, made from wood or plastic, which they use at mealtimes, hand-woven on vertical looms, manufactured from pure sheep’s wool and without using any chemical dyes. they need a geometrical design of dark lines on a lightweight background and are made by the Beni Ourain tribe within the Middle chain of mountains of Morocco.

The tradition of this carpet reflects the private experiences of every weaver, stories of a rural life, where each artisan gives life to her creativity, reflecting in an abstract way her own life, like a marriage, a birth, or an endless number of motifs.

Well, nowadays the Beni Ourain rug’s very artistic designs have inspired many European artists who don’t see them as trendy but timeless due to the charm, luxury, and ease of those Berber rugs make them the foremost famous and appreciated Moroccan rugs and a worldwide interior design reference. These tribal Berber rugs seem to mix a modernist taste for minimalist linearity with the graphic symbolism of outsider art. The tribal graphics pair well with contemporary and traditional space designs.

Beni Ouarain woolen carpets are easily recognizable and are one of the most representative manifestations of Moroccan Berber culture and Casa Mu Living brings them from far away to put them within your reach in their showroom in Javea.

The Beni Ourain off-white rugs you will find at Casa Mu Living may be employed in many decorating styles. They put more value within the furniture, whether antique wooden furniture, leather lounges, or design furniture. They would be amazing next to a hearth, to spend a comfy night lounging on its incredible plushness…Its color and texture will make all of your room furniture look unique and delightful, it’ll add a neutral color, traditional bedroom, still within the brightest and edgy of the living rooms. Wherever they’re, they feature an awfully chic decorative flooring accent. The thickness of the carpet gives them sufficient weight to stabilize it on the bottom. Contrary to the best rugs that bend easily and that they must be constantly readjusted.

So if you want the decorative must-have that fits in every room, contact Casa Mu Living for their magnificent Beni Ourain rugs or any special piece for your home as they can offer a global service for your home decoration and not only that since they are planning much more for you to have your dream house. Keep an eye on us as we will update you!


Contact Details:

Address: Calle del Santisimo Cristo del Mar 1, Javea

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