LA CASA DELLA PASTA: Celebrating over 20 years of pasta success

Our beloved Casa della Pasta is happy to celebrate over 20 years of culinary success, proudly serving authentic Italian cuisine to delighted customers in Javea. They have proven year after year their commitment to consistently providing the highest quality food while never compromising their values and original vision.


There is just something special about homemade Italian food that brings warmth and comfort to the body. The time is takes to hand roll fresh pasta, the subtle attention to spice the sauces to perfection, the elegant pairing of ingredients in order to create the final dish. All of this is why a plate of fresh pasta is a meal that stands the test of time. It is not only about eating to fill your stomach, it is about nurturing your heart and soul in every bite.


Casa della Pasta


Creating a long-time, successful restaurant takes time, dedication, passion and perseverance. The team at Casa della Pasta are a testament to the ability to succeed when hard work and delicious food combine. And although Casa della Pasta is in fact a business, it operates with the values of a family and hopes their cuisine brings people together to share food, ideas, and lovely moments together. Enjoying a meal at Casa della Pasta truly feels as if you’re eating a dish from the Italian grandmother you never had.


And the team at Casa della Pasta understand better than anyone the importance of quality Italian cuisine. They pride themselves on respecting the Italian classic recipes while also leaving space for innovation and creation. Every dish at Casa della Pasta is 100% homemade using the finest and freshest ingredients available. The pasta is hand crafted daily in order to provide the perfect texture and flavour they have become famous for. Taking the time to select only the highest quality products, the team at Casa della Pasta import their cheese and cured meats from authentic sources ensuring the standard of perfection every time.


Casa della Pasta


And although the pasta is the main attraction- hints the name- there are a plethora of other delicious options to choose from. The Risotto de Sorrento, a rice with spicy prawns, has a rich and vibrant flavour profile or the Aubergine Parmesan is so satisfying you might even consider becoming vegetarian. The location along the Mediterranean Sea also affords Casa della Pasta to serve tasty seafood dishes like steamed mussels or spicy fish soup.


I cannot recommend visiting Casa della Pasta enough. You must go and see for yourself why they have continued to succeed for over two decades. Not only is the food absolutely remarkable but the setting is also warm and inviting. The large outdoor terrace is an oasis filled with happy patrons enjoying good conversation and a delicious meal under the stars. The staff showcase the upmost professionalism and are always eager to help you choose a dish or wine pairing. Since Italian food is famously adored around the world, Casa della Pasta serves an eclectic mix of international clients, locals and tourists alike. It is the perfect location to meet with family and friends or to even have a romantic dinner for two.


Casa della Pasta


Casa della Pasta, congratulations on your 20-plus years of success. We are honoured to be able to enjoy your delicious and fulfilling dishes and look forward to many more years of fresh pasta and smiling faces at Casa della Pasta. Cheers!


Contact Details:

Address: Carretera del Cabo la Nao-Pla, 27
Javea 03730
966 46 13 47


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