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Articles about dentistry have never cornered the market in glossy magazines or newspapers because for many people the dentist’s chair still inspires fear. Nevertheless, teeth are important and they must be cared for, or as Cervantes wrote in Don Quijote, “Every tooth in a man´s head is more valuable than a diamond”.


So, let’s begin by welcoming all of you, readers to the Calpe Dental center for advanced dentistry.





It is run by Joel Weinberg, a highly experienced Dentist who ran his own dental practice in London for 20 years.


Originally from South Africa, he has over 40 years of clinical experience. His philosophy as a dentist is to provide high-quality gentile dentistry in a relaxed and professional environment. Joel specializes in pediatric dentistry, cosmetic treatments, and implantology. On the latter, his vast experience has led him to provide numerous successful implants.







Calpe Dental clinic


Joel Weinberg arrived in Spain fifteen years ago where he set up Calpe Dental. A clinic with state-of-the-art technology and expertise. If there’s something that stands it out from other clinics in Costa Blanca is its individualized treatment.


At Calpe Dental you are treated as an individual. Joel and his team understand that each patient’s needs will be different and design a treatment plan to meet each patient’s specific needs. Whatever your needs, whether you are 3 years old or 95, you will find the personalized and attentive care that you have always wanted in a dentist.



What do they offer?


The clinic is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art dental equipment—including computerized imaging systems, digital X-rays, and intra-oral cameras.


All X-rays that are taken are digital and they have the latest 3D diagnostic scanners that allow them to place implants on a virtual 3D bone image as well as endodontics diagnostics (root canal treatment).



The 3 D scanner is the future of dentistry.


Do you hate having gunky impressions in your mouth? Well, no more for that as they have the latest 3D scanner so that your tooth is scanned and sent to the lab and within minutes your new crown is being made.


With the 3D scanner, they can also provide orthodontic treatment without braces. The laser technology allows them to do safe and precise soft tissue management, gum treatments, tooth whitening, and much more. They also carry out a high proportion of work under a Dental microscope, which allows them to deliver treatment of the highest quality.


Joel also tells us that one of his specialties is the fitting of hand-sculpted composite veneers. These veneers are smile changing and, in many cases, life changed for many people who have been embarrassed by their smiles. He is very happy of providing people with the smiles they have always dreamed of, time after time since this is considered an art.


Calpe Dental is also proud of having an outstanding Hygienist who is professional and gentle and has a very loyal following of extremely happy patients. Something important to consider as well as the clinic has all the latest technology to keep their patients safe as they deal with this coronavirus crisis that has engulfed the world.


Come in for a free consultation and see what Calpe Dental has to offer. They speak both English and Spanish and cover a wide range of Dentistry services.


They look forward to meeting you.




Contact Details:


The Clinic in on Avenida Ejercitos Españoles, 16. Edificio Albamar Bajo, Calpe.

Call on 965835657.

24- hour emergency service on 628 095 249


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