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When we go to the dentist although sometimes we do it for aesthetic reasons, most of the time it is out of necessity and what we want is to find a professional dentist on the other side but at the same time close, patient and who can also speak our language! Yes, because we know that being in Spain it is not so easy to find a dentist who simply speaks English.

Well, Doctor Joel Weinberg originally from South Africa and with more than 40 years of clinical experience is who runs this dental clinic in Calpe called “Calpe Dental”.



Joel specializes in pediatric dentistry, cosmetic treatments, and implantology and his philosophy as a dentist is to provide high-quality gentile dentistry in a relaxed and professional environment and this translates into building trust so that the patient always feels safe, informed at all times and something also very important, to feel listened to.


State-of-the-art equipment in all their services.


You may be impressed with the range of services they offer but what matters, even more, is that they always remember that every patient is an individual, with individual needs making the visit to the dentist a relaxing experience.

The clinic is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art dental equipment—including computerized imaging systems, digital X-rays, and intra-oral cameras. All X-rays that are taken are digital and they have the latest 3D diagnostic scanners that allow them to place implants on a virtual 3D bone image as well as endodontics diagnostics (root canal treatment).

They specialize in cosmetic dentistry and so offer a range of cosmetic treatments from minor adjustments to total smile lifting procedures. Whatever your needs, whether you are 3 years old or 95, you will find Calpe Dental Clinic a comfortable place to be.



Calpe Dental is a dental clinic that offers solutions to all dental health needs, from classic and typical treatments: oral cleanings, orthodontics, endodontics, extractions…, to more innovative treatments.

And as we have mentioned above, even though we know that in most cases what brings patients to the clinic is discomfort somewhere in their mouth, they also offer them the maximum possible comfort in a trusting environment but with strict professional rigor.

We believe that when a patient decides to go to the dentist, it is important to facilitate the treatment, so they don’t only solve the patient’s problems they also have the right partners to do it in the most agile and efficient way possible.

Look at these before and after photos.







General dentistry

Calpe Dental clinic offers all dental specialties to achieve and maintain a state of optimal dental health, without problems of tooth decay, dental pain or inflammation and gum pain.


Dental aesthetics

Among the main dental problems are anomalies in the shape, distribution and staining of the teeth, gums and smile. Although in many cases they do not affect the functionality of the mouth, aesthetically they can spoil the appearance of the person, one of the aesthetic treatments with more demand is teeth whitening. At Calpe Dental, they perform all types of corrective aesthetic treatments to bring the appearance of the teeth in line with socially accepted standards.


Teeth whitening

The diet and personal habits of each person can cause a discoloration of the teeth. In Calpe Dental they have different whitening treatments to recover the lost shade of the teeth and achieve the smile you want.



Calpe Dental also performs implantology treatments as Dr. Weinberg is a specialist and his vast experience has led him to provide numerous successful implants.




The benefits of orthodontic treatment go beyond the obvious physical changes of an improvement in a person’s overall self-image and at Calpe Dental they talk about Orthodontics and how you will not only get a beautiful smile but more importantly a healthy smile as they don’t only check aesthetic problems.

While having beautiful straight teeth is important, even more, important is the need to alleviate any potential health problems associated with the teeth or jaw. Crooked teeth or jaw problems may contribute to improper cleaning of teeth, leading to tooth decay and, possibly, gum disease or total tooth loss.

Calpe Dental really cater for all ages and they will work out the best treatment for you whatever your age—and offer a full range of treatments for the whole family. Once you put yourself in their hands, you are guaranteed a warm, comfortable experience.


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Contact Details:

The Clinic in on Avenida Ejercitos Españoles, 16. Edificio Albamar Bajo, Calpe.

Call on 965835657.

24- hour emergency service on 628 095 249








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