Should you buy that house? Consult a reputable independent building surveyor

There are times when you fall in love with a house at first sight. It is very bright, has lots of space and an unbeatable price. But should you buy it? It is always advisable to hire a building surveyor to assure you that a building is in optimal condition and it is a good investment. Today we present Mark Paddon, a reputable and well established independent building surveyor of the Costa Blanca.


Mark Paddon graduated First-Class Honours at the Liverpool Sir John Moores University nearly 30 years ago. Nowadays he is the trustworthy professional to perform building surveys and defects assessment for property buyers and owners in Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Castellón and Almería, covering the Costa Blanca, Costa Azahar and Costa Cálida. He also provides expert technical reports for leading insurers and lawyers in the southern part of Europe. Surely you already know Mark, since his services are of first quality, having been consulted for UK Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV programs, including ‘Homes from hell’, ‘Selling Houses abroad’ and ‘Cowboy Builders’. Mark has also contributed to a number of Spanish property books.


Hire the services of Mark Paddon before buying a house
Mark Paddon


What is the purpose of the structural survey?

In addition, Mark is the professional you want to hire as he has all the certifications and is a dual qualified Building Surveyor, member of the CIOB UK (Chartered Construction Manager) and member of CAATIE Spain (arquitecto técnico) insured via Lloyd’s of London. But why should you need a structural survey? With the help of the professional services of Mark Paddon you can avoid future problems in the purchase of a home, since he can highlight difficult to identify defects of the construction. Some imperfections can go unnoticed by the profane eye, but a structural survey will detect them and you can use that to negotiate a lower price. In addition, it is advisable to know the true condition of a building before buying it, of course.


How to know if a building is in good condition


On the other hand, Mark Paddon assures that many construction techniques in Spain are quite different to those used in the United Kingdom. A survey will point out the benefits, disadvantages and implications of various build methods, so you can evaluate one property type against another. Mark warns that although surveyors in Spain are scarce, defects in buildings are quite common. Some of the most common defects in Spanish constructions are:


  • Slope subsidence and retaining wall issues.
  • Steel reinforced concrete decay.
  • Insect attack, such as termites.
  • Water pipe decay.
  • Damp.
  • Swimming pool movement.


Whether you want to buy a property or want to evaluate a building you already own, contact Mark Paddon to request a fixed survey and initial free advice at +34 962 807 247 and +34 653 733 066 or the email For more information, please visit his website. Secure your investment with the help of Mark Paddon.

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