Buttock Lipofilling: Buttock Augmentation With Your Own Fat

Fat is the new gold in plastic surgery due to the great possibilities it offers. On the one hand, its extraction allows us to reshape the body contour almost to our liking, eliminating volume from an area where there is excess.

On the other hand, the infiltration of this same fat in areas lacking or lacking in tone allows us to obtain results similar to those sought with the insertion of implants or fillers of non-autologous materials, greatly minimizing the risks and possible complications associated with these procedures.

In addition, fat contains stem cells that make it possible to rejuvenate tissues, improve the quality of the skin and treat various degenerative pathologies. How can it not be considered gold?

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What is facial or body lipofilling?

In the last 10 years, the lipofilling technique has undergone a great evolution and is increasingly used by plastic surgery professionals, both in its aesthetic and restorative aspects. Previously, the techniques were difficult, not very reproducible and measurable and due to their high manipulation, the body reabsorbed a high percentage of the infiltrated fat, so the results were poor and not permanent.

Thanks to Body Jet’s WAL liposuction we can extract the adipocytes practically without damaging them, with a high survival rate, which is what largely determines the success of lipofilling. WAL stands for Water Assisted Liposuction, and is a technique by which we separate the fat from the rest of the tissues by means of a jet of water at controlled pressure, offering a much higher cell survival rate than traditional liposuction or more invasive mechanisms (vibrolasers, lipolasers, etc.). ) In a second step, this extracted fat is cleaned in a sterile circuit through a decanting process and is ready to be infiltrated either as a facial or body filler or in order to rejuvenate the area where it is applied (facial rejuvenation, cleavage, neck or feet).

Lipofilling of the buttocks: the naturalness objective

Naturalness is the prevailing quest in today’s plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine: “have a nose job but without showing that I have had an operation”, and it is in this context that the use of fat is becoming more popular than the use of implants or fillers made of non-autologous material. Fat transfer to the buttocks, breast lipofilling, fat grafting to the cheekbones or nasolabial folds is already one of the star procedures in all operating theatres in Spain. As with everything else, in order to opt for this alternative, we must find the ideal candidate. If you are considering buttock augmentation surgery with fat:

– You must have sufficient fat deposits as a donor area or areas.
– You must be precise about your expectations of the results: they are less predictable and less lush than with implants. If you want a lot of volume, you may need more than one surgical time.


It depends, each technique to augment the buttocks has advantages and disadvantages to consider and it will be the needs of each case, the patient’s wishes as well as the plastic surgeon’s recommendation that will determine which is the best solution for each case.


– Lusher results and larger volumes.
– Buttock prostheses need regular check-ups.
– The result is permanent
– Postoperative recovery is less comfortable than with buttock lipofilling.
– Higher risk of complications.



– More natural result than with other techniques.
– You must have areas of donor fat in order to be able to graft the fat.
– The result is permanent, although if there are large fluctuations in weight the result may be compromised.
– Double surgical benefit: on the one hand you increase the size of the buttocks and reshape the body contour thanks to the previous liposuction(s).
– No need for periodic check-ups, once you are medically discharged you no longer need to go for lifelong check-ups as with buttock prostheses.
– Easier postoperative recovery than with prostheses.
– Lower risk of complications


If you wish to increase the size of your buttocks and stylize your body contour by means of buttock lipofilling, put yourself in the hands of the best plastic surgeon in Alicante. Doctor Solesio, will advise you in a frank and honest way to help you achieve your dream. They are waiting for you. Click here for more details.


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