Bull run: Six injured on day six

Over the last week, the city of Pamplona in Spain has been celebrating the San Fermín festival with the traditional bull run.


Many people visit the city from all over the world just for this annual celebration. It involves letting the bulls loose down the street with participants being chased by them towards the bull ring.


It is a long-term tradition, that many people these days are against due to animal rights issues. But still, it is a popular event, with the number of participants growing.


The event is known for bringing risk, and now, coming towards the end of the festival, high numbers of people have been injured from falling or being trampled on by bulls, as well as four Americans and a Spaniard being gored.


Today, on the sixth day, six people have been injured so far, although none are said to have been gored.


This event got its fame through Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel: The Sun Also Rises. Pamplona, which has around 200,000 inhabitants, receives up to 1 million visitors during this week every year.

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