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There are many paradisiacal places to spend a dream vacation. When we imagine these landscapes we think of places like Bora Bora, Hawaii or Cancun. But the Costa Blanca, in Spain, also offers some stunning attractions and amazing places, such as Jávea. And that’s where Lantana Concierge can organize the perfectly tailored vacation you’ve always wanted.

Although the beautiful Alicante town of Jávea is well known in Spain, outside the country this idyllic enclave does not enjoy much popularity. However, this corner of the Valencian Community has much to offer in its small territory. Besides enjoying beaches, it offers numerous outdoor activities, restaurants of all kinds and cultural options. But who likes to organize every detail of their holidays step by step? That’s what Lantana Concierge is for, your travel company that takes care of everything so that you can enjoy everything you want to do in Jávea just by asking for it. A tailor made vacation at your fingertips.


Each vacation package is individually tailored to meet the needs and expectations of every client. The creators of Lantana Concierge realized that Jávea offers many wonderful opportunities to enjoy in a fairly small geographical area. In about five minutes people can move from the seashore to the beautiful mountains of this region. In addition, the fantastic Valencian weather allows you to enjoy outdoor activities throughout all the year, such as hiking trails in the countryside or water sports at the sea.



‘Most of the people who come to Jávea do not know the great amount of opportunities for leisure that can be enjoyed here’, said Lantana Concierge.  That is their role.  To gather all the ideas and possibilities to suit each client individually. This allows people to go on vacation and relax without having to worry about how they are going to occupy their time.


Where are the best beaches, walking trails, places to eat, where are the supermarkets, what activities can they do if they are accompanied by elderly people or children, identify nice places to stay and much, much more… These are some of the details and services offered by Lantana Concierge. To do that, customers explain their tastes, preferences and needs. Do you want to do a yoga retreat? Are you vegetarian? Do you want to rent bicycles or a kayak? Do you travel in the company of your dogs? In this way,  Lantana Concierge prepare everything so that all people who travel are happy.


‘Our slogan is  to provide “a tapas of experiences”, which comes from the Spanish approach to eating tapas or appetizers and ordering a little bit of different things. Lantana Concierge provides a variety of experiences to enjoy.  Give many things a try and do more of what you like.  Thus, they prepare a fantastic vacation according to the tastes of each person or family. The whole package is ready: the activities, the leisure places to visit, the tourist information, the restaurants, the best places to sleep … Since Jávea does not have too many hotels, but it does have really nice villas and modern apartments, they find what each client wants specifically. Some of them want a pool, others do not.  Some people want views of the mountains and others of the sea. Therefore, the ideal accommodation for each one of them is sought in a wide range of prices.



And why choose their services instead of those of another company? The answer is clear: there are not many companies that offer a customized vacation like this one. Lantana Concierge is an exclusive enterprise that offers first class services. In addition, its owners speak several languages​and offer their services throughout Europe and North America. Why wouldn’t people from the other side of the planet want to visit the idyllic town of Jávea?


Do you want to spend a comfortable vacation in a dreamy place? You can contact Lantana Concierge by phone +34 625 940 125 (in English) or +34 652 498 780 (in French). Their email is and you can also visit their website ( or their Facebook page to request more information.

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